Edwards wants to go, the Chargers say 'No'

The Saints won’t budge from their offer, and the Chargers won’t lower their asking price any further. The New Orleans Saints have put a fourth round pick on the table, and even with pleading from Donnie Edwards to accept, AJ Smith and Co. will not settle for anything less than a third.

The original asking price for teams interested in trading for Donnie Edwards was a second round draft pick. Teams didn’t bite, preferring to see how the 2006 draft and training camps played out. But with camp injuries and such, the market for Donnie Edward’s services has picked up. Looking to rejoin former teammate Drew Brees and fellow native San Diegan Reggie Bush, Donnie Edwards recently met with AJ Smith and asked to be traded. But unless the Saints pony up the day-one pick, it looks like Edwards will play out the remaining year on his contract.

However, how much playing time he gets exactly remains to be seen. The Chargers are deep at middle linebacker and will look to get their young talent on the field. It is important for the young outside linebackers Merriman and Phillips to get work in with the young middle linebackers like Cooper, Dobbins, and Wilhelm.

Edwards requests to leave Chargers

August 25, 2006

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