BoltHype Mock Draft, v.2

I figured I'd update the mock now (before the combine gets underway full-swing) so that I can get a barometer on the rankings as they are now. Things will certainly change over the course of the next few days. This should be an exciting weekend, but even with the combine nothing is set in stone. Many players are choosing to work only at certain drills, if at all. Players realize that Pro Day's held at their college campuses are also just as important as the combine as it gives them extra time to prepare as well as more one-on-one time with college scouts.

1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell, QB
2. Detroit - Brady Quinn, QB
3. Cleveland - Adrian Peterson, RB
4. Tampa Bay - Calvin Johnson, WR
5. Arizona - Joe Thomas, OT
6. Washington - Gaines Adams, DE
7. Minnesota - Jamaal Anderson, DE
8. Houston - Marshawn Lynch, RB
9. Miami - Tedd Ginn, WR
10. Atlanta - Reggie Nelson, S
11. San Francisco - Alan Branch, DT
12. Buffalo - Leon Hall, CB
13. St. Louis - Amobi Okoye, DT
14. Carolina - LaRon Landry, S
15. Pittsburg - Lawrence Timmons, LB
16. Green Bay - Dwayne Jarrett, WR
17. Jacksonville - Patrick Willis, LB
18. Cincinnati - Adam Carriker, DT
19. Tennessee - Darrelle Revis, CB
20. New York Giants - Paul Posluszny, LB
21. Denver - Marcus McCauley, CB
22. Dallas Cowboys - Dwayne Bowe, WR
23. Kansas City - Levi Brown, OT
24. New England - Sidney Rice, WR
25. New York Jets - Jarvis Moss, DE
26. Philadelphia - Michael Griffin, S
27. New Orleans - Marcus McCauley, CB
28. New England - Victor Abiamiri, DE
29. Baltimore - Anthony Spencer, DE
30. San Diego - Robert Meachem, WR
31. Chicago - Zach Miller, TE
32. Indianapolis - Rufus Alexander, LB

There are a few changes this time around for version 2. I dropped Alan Branch down to 11. Ngata went last year at pick 12, and Bunkley followed at 14. Branch goes to San Francisco to help an aging line turn into a true 3-4 front. I also moved up Lynch and Ginn to the top ten with the thought that Houston needs a running back badly, and with Cam Cameron as Miami's new head coach, he may be thinking offense in the first round. Ginn is the best playmaker on the board.

I also added Levi Brown into the first round mix and have him going to Kansas City to help rebuild that offensive line. He might project at left tackle, but the Chiefs need help at both ends. I am still not sold that Brown is a first-round talent, but sometimes needs outweigh value and this is a what happens in KC's case. I have Moss going to the Jets because he has the speed and size to give them what they lost when John Abraham left. He plays OLB in their new 3-4 scheme.

New England gets two players I like in WR Rice and DE Abiamiri - they will use Abiamiri at outside linebacker and he has connections to the Pats in that he was coached by Charlie Weiss at Notre Dame. Robert Meachem to the Chargers makes a lot of sense because he will certainly posses the size and speed to warrant a late first round pick. He is the best player available and he fits a big need for the Chargers. Norv Turner will have time to work him into the scheme at a solid pace, but the Chargers new head coach is not shy about playing his young players.

February 22, 2007

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Anonymous said... Mar 6, 2007, 7:54:00 PM

No way GB takes a first round wr with all of the promise that greg jennings gives them

Rob Zepeda said... Apr 10, 2007, 8:51:00 PM

Outside of Jennings who is the future of that WR corp? Not Driver.

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