Hiring Of Turner Means LT And Rivers Are The Franchise

The Chargers are expected to announce the hiring of Norv Turner as the new head football coach. Jay Glazer breaks the story over at FoxSports.com and there is a planned announcement at Chargers Park later today.

Norv coming back is only mildly surprising, considering his experience here in San Diego, so its not long before the shock wears off. Norv talked about his comfort level here in SD when he came in for his interview last week:
“It was a lot of fun for me to get back and spend time with Dean and AJ. We talked about everything you could possibly talk about from personnel to coaches to football philosophy. I think there’s a comfort level for me because I have been here and know a lot of the people involved.”

I think going with a defense-minded coach would have been a better option, and there certainly were strong candidates, like Rex Ryan and Ron Rivera, out there. I liked the attitude and discipline that coaches on defense tend to have. And I know that AJ Smith is strongly enamored with defense as a means to building championship teams. But Norv had something that none of the other candidates had, and thats familiarity with the front office, with the Chargers organization, and importantly LaDainain Tomlinson. Norv Turner was offensive coordinator during LT's rookie year, a year where LT should have won the Rookie Of The Year award.

Turner as head coach speaks to me of a situation where AJ Smith and Dean Spanos looked at the team, the players specifically, and identified the two most important, respected, and influential people to the franchise and that is LaDainain Tomlinson and Philip Rivers.

As those men go, the team goes. And those two men are as crucial as anybody, coaches or players, to the Chargers plans for winning a SuperBowl. So it makes sense to hire a coach who could continue the development of Philip Rivers and find creative ways to use his offensive weapons.

February 19, 2007

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