New Head Coach Should Be Defense-Minded

The Chargers are set to interview a variety of coaching candidates to fill their vacant head coaching job, and some of the names being thrown out there include Jim Mora, Ron Rivera, Rex Ryan, Mike Singletary, Mike Zimmer, and Norv Turner.

Those six have been identified as people who have received contact from the San Diego Chargers organization. Looking at the list, there certainly are some intriguing names there. There are also rumors of such candidates as Pete Carroll and Jimmy Johnson. Even Bill Parcells and Bill Cowher are possibilities, although remote ones.

Personally, I feel the most successful head coaches in today's game are those who come from a defensive background. Guys like Tony Dungy, Bill Belichick, Lovie Smith have had consistently good teams over the past few seasons. While I am not saying that offensive -minded head coaches aren't equally successful, I would personally like the Chargers to think defense first. I like the mentality that defensive coaches bring to the table and an aggressive, physical style of play is what the Chargers should strive for on Sundays.

Also, the team has needs on defense and can stand to improve as a unit. I think a coach with a background in defense could help in terms of drafting players in the coming draft as well as allowing the playmakers on defense to play much loser. One of the drawbacks of a Marty-coached team is that players tend to focus so much on playing 'mistake-free' that they often times fail to make a play when a turnover opportunity presents itself. Coaching candidates Ron Rivera and Rex Ryan both bring resumes of having top defenses that were excellent at taking the ball away from the opponent. Mike Singletary is also an intriguing candidate and I hope one of those three is offered the job.

February 14, 2007

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