Reggie Nelson Puts On A Show At His Pro Day

The University of Florida held its 'Pro Day In The Swap' today, showcasing Gator football players for NFL scouts and personnel people. While there were many defensive standouts on last year's National Championship team, one player in particular shined today.

Safety Reggie Nelson put on a show for the scouts. He improved on all his numbers from the combine, partially due to the fact that he had a slight hamstring injury back at Indy.
"I didn't do too good at the combine. I injured my hamstring (at the combine). It was very important for me to get the right treatment. I came out and continued to work hard. I ran a 4.5 at the combine. This is a big difference. It went pretty good."

Pretty good might be an understatement.
"We heard anywhere from 4.31 to 4.35 (in the 40)," said Hadley Ingelhard, Nelson's agent. "I'm sure that's what he wanted. He did a great job. I was told in the three-cone (agility drill) that he was the fastest to date this year, and he broad-jumped 10 feet, seven inches, which is fantastic.

"This (Nelson's overall performance) is more or less just icing on the cake. All these scouts will tell you, it's what you do on film that matters most. If you watch Reggie (on film), he's a ballhawk. He makes big plays, he's a big hitter, he's got great range. That's what's going to get him drafted."

With his latest performance, Reggie Nelson has succured himself a spot in the top 20 of this draft. In fact, the Jaguars have shown very strong interest in Nelson, with several team representative on hand during Florida's pro day, including head coach Del Rio and Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith.

Nelson is also scheduled for a private workout for Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and about 20 other teams are scheduling meetings with him.

Even the Tampa Bay staff likes what they see in Reggie:
"Great instincts, great speed, leadership," Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin said. "He can sit back there (and be one of those) ball hawks. I don't know that you really coach that. You just kind of have it. It's called football awareness. He's got it."

With such strong interest in Reggie Nelson, there is little chance he makes it to the Chargers first pick, 30th overall. A player of Nelson's caliber could dramatically change the complexion of the defense and is arguably the team's biggest hole.

Sitting tight at 30 isn't a bad move, but finding a way to trade up to get Nelson would be a better move. The Buffalo Bills hold the 12th pick in the draft and are a potential trade partner. They need a running back and the Chargers have Michael Turner. The same need exists in Green Bay. The Packers pick 16th overall and that would likely be the Chargers last chance to draft Nelson. The Jaguars pick immediately after the Packers, and all indications point to Nelson being highly coveted by that team.

I mean, who wouldn't want this guy roaming in their secondary?

March 7, 2007

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