Another Linebacker In For A Visit, This Time Its The Poz

The Chargers sure are bringing in a lot of Linebackers for visits. The latest is former Penn State standout Paul Posluszny. The great Jack Ham called Paul the 'best linebacker ever to play at Penn State.' Wha? LaVar Arrington was a product of Linebacker U, but Ham still feels the Poz is the best ever.
"It's such a different game now than when we played," Ham said. "Today, you have to be half-strong safety, half-linebacker to play. We weren't asked to cover the way these guys are. They didn't stretch the field on us. There were no three- and four-wide receiver sets. A lot of linebackers have to go to the bench in passing situations now. Not Posluszny. He does it all."

John Harris of the Pittsburg Tribune-Review reports the Steelers don't seem too interested in Posluszny.

But April is known as liars month and the Chargers and Steelers could both be concealing their true plans. It makes sense for the Chargers to want to add linebackers for competition and depth. They do run the 3-4, and bread and butter of the 34 are the linebackers. You need a lot of them on the roster.

However the interesting thing is the Chargers are bringing in some highly touted players at a position that isn't even the first or second biggest need on the team. While it wouldn't be a surprise at all for the Chargers to add some Linebackers in this draft, it would be somewhat of a surprise for them to draft a guy who could compete for a starting job considering they resigned Stephen Cooper and Matt Wilhelm to long-term deals.

April 14, 2007

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