Did the Chargers REACH for Craig "Buster" Davis?

The following piece was written by Ivan Abrahim, also known as RipTheJacker

"When it's all said and done; Davis grades out as a second-tier wide receiver in the 2007 class with enough speed to warrant consideration in Round 2."

"A natural receiver with top physical skills, Davis has shown a lot of improvement the past three seasons. Offers potential as a number two wideout at the next level if he gets stronger and is able to stay healthy.

PROJECTION: Middle Second Round"

Todd McShay, Scouts Inc.

"Davis had no business going in the 1st round over guys like Steve Smith, Dwayne Jarrett and Anthony Gonzalez, and had a better chance of going in the 3rd round than the 1st round"

If you go by the media's perception of the draft, then yes, Chargers GM AJ Smith 'reached' for Craig Davis. But going by AJ's past track record, who are you going to trust? AJ Smith, or Mel Kiper and the other draftniks?

Every year the so-called 'experts' release their opinions on players and seem to think that NFL GMs should be drafting according to their rankings. If that was the case, then last year guys like Ko Simpson would of gone in the first round instead of the fourth (the round where he was actually taken).

Since most NFL fans don't follow college football as religiously as they do the pros (not making this up, just look at the viewing numbers), they read the scouting reports and go by what Mel Kiper and Scouts Inc. think. An fan's opinion on a player will largely come from whatever Mel Kiper's and friends opinions are.

Interestingly enough, you never hear 'the heads' admit they made a mistake when a player drops way further than he was projected. Instead of admitting they overvalued a player that every GM in the NFL passed on at least three times, you hear about what a great pick it was and how that particular team got a real steal. Why does every player have to fall into the category of 'steal' or 'reach'?

So it isn't surprise to hear people complain "Why did we take player A in the first round? We could of taken taken him in the second and filled another need in round one!"

But AJ Smith said it best:
Time will tell. But I absolutely love it when the talking heads make a prediction. It's a media frenzy. Who's giving these opinions on where players rank?

If AJ Smith and Buddy Nix think that Craig "Buster" Davis was worthy of being the 30th overall selection in the draft, and that Davis is better pick than Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith and Sidney Rice, then im going to take Smith's word for it no matter what the talking heads say.

April 30, 2007

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