I Look At The Chargers' 07 Schedule And See 13 Wins

The NFL announced the entire 2007 regular season schedule today and award the Chargers with three prime-time, nationally televised games. The season starts with a bang when the NFC Champion Chicago Bears come to town, and the following week the Chargers travel to New England in a rematch of the AFC Divisional game.

Last year I predicted a 12-4 finish and I was eerily accurate in that prediction. Had the Chargers not beat Cincinnati and Denver with back-to-back fourth quarter wins, I would have been perfect in my prognosis. Obviously I am glad to have been wrong with the Chargers posting a franchise record 14 wins.

Lets look at the Chargers 2007 regular season schedule:

Sep 9 Chicago 4:15pm
Sep 16 @New England 8:15pm
Sep 23 @Green Bay 1:00pm
Sep 30 Kansas City 4:15pm
Oct 7 @Denver 4:15pm
Oct 14 Oakland 4:15pm
Week 7 BYE
Oct 28 Houston 4:05pm
Nov 4 @Minnesota 1:00pm
Nov 11 Indianapolis 8:15pm
Nov 18 @Jacksonville 1:00pm
Nov 25 Baltimore 4:15pm
Dec 2 @Kansas City 1:00pm
Dec 9 @Tennessee 1:00pm
Dec 16 Detroit 4:15pm
Dec 24 Denver 8:00pm
Dec 30 @Oakland 4:15pm

This time around the NFL hooked up the Chargers with a Week 7 Bye, with a home game before and after the bye. This could be a crucial part of the schedule and should help with any midseason injuries the players might have.

Out of the blocks I see the Chargers cruising to an impressive 9-0 start. The first loss I see is at Jacksonville where the Jags are always tough. Playing the Ravens right after the Jags is going to be brutal, but I see the Chargers squeaking out a win at home.

However, the toll of that physical game might be too much, and Kansas City will benefit from having two weeks of game tapes where the Chargers faced great defenses. Herm Edwards and staff will use this to their advantage and beat the Chargers in KC.

The final loss I see is when the Bolts host the Broncos. Denver plays unusually well against the Chargers in December, especially here in San Diego. I could see the Broncos learning from their mistakes earlier in the season and edging out a win.

Other than two division opponents who always give the Chargers fits, the only other team that really scares me is Jacksonville. I could easily see 12 to 13 wins with this schedule, even though, on paper, it looks considerably more difficult than last year's.

My prediction is 13-3 but this MIGHT change after the draft and the end of Free Agency. But as it stands right now, I am confident the Chargers will make the playoffs with a double-digit win total.

April 11, 2007

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John said... May 22, 2007, 4:23:00 PM

Quote: "Tony Dungy and staff will use this to their advantage and beat the Chargers in KC."

Tony Dungy coaches the Colts, Herm Edwards coaches the Chiefs. (I know, they all look alike ;>) )

Rob Zepeda said... May 22, 2007, 5:17:00 PM

Yikes! Thanks John, I corrected it!

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