Not Merriman's Fault He Was Caught Riddin' Dirty?

Back in October of 2006, ESPN's Chris Mortensen broke the story that Shawne Merriman tested positive for a league-banned substance (how Mortensen received such confidential information is beyond me, but that alone is something that both ESPN and the NFL should be ashamed of).

Merriman was quick to proclaim his innocence, and had every intention of appealing the results. He steadfastly denied any willing intention to take steroids, and blamed the positive test result on tainted supplements. While he had hopped that the public would not judge him for unknowingly taking a tainted supplement, the damage had been done and the media and community was ablaze with chatter.

Shawne was suspended four games and would face questions for the rest of his career. He would also have to deal with guys like Champ Bailey and Jason Taylor saying players shouldn't be awarded with accolades like the Pro Bowl when they cheated the system. Personally I agree, and it seems the NFL does as well.

New NFL comish Rodger Goodell, decideding that it was the proper thing to do, released the results of Shawne Merriman's twenty test results since entering the league. The findings? Merriman was clean 19 out of 20 times.

In a move designed to distance Merriman's name from the new NFL policy, the NFL Players Union, the NFL, as well as Shawne Merriman decided to clear the air and to finally prove that Merriman could very well have been telling the truth when he blamed the positive result on a tainted supplement.

April 30, 2007

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