Top 20 Targets - Meachem, Nelson, Willis, Revis?

Okay, so we know the Chargers would love Robert Meachem, Reggie Nelson, or Patrick Willis. The team is preparing to enter next season with first year starters at Wide Reciever, Safety, and Linebacker and any of the above three players would instantly upgrade the roster.

So where does Darrelle Revis fit into the equation? He is a Cornerback, right? Don't we have starters there and didn't we draft Antonio Cromartie last year? Yes, yes, and yes.

But Revis isn't just a Cornerback; He is a playmaker. He can return kicks, he cant support the run, he can play man or zone, and he has the size to matchup well against tight ends. Revis, in my mind, would make an awesome Free Safety and reminds me so much of Ed Reed. Both guys have an almost identical build and are excellent when the ball is in the air. And both are threats to score whenever the ball is in their hands.

Revis is an explosive defender who is aggressive in his tackling. He is a guy who can take the Bolts' defense to a Championship level. Should the Chargers move up into the top 20 picks by trading Michael Turner, I would love for Darrelle Revis to be a target. He is a guy with no off-field problems and would fit in well with what the Chargers do because of his versatility. He can play anywhere in the defensive backfield and could provide excellent insurance if one of our cornerbacks went down.

Read his scouting profile on where they also feel he could make the transition to Safety. Either at Corner or Safety, Revis would make a fine Charger.

April 10, 2007

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