Adam Schefter Reviews The AFC West Draft

Adam Schefter had some good takes on the NFL Network's AFC West Draft breakdown.

Among his points on the Chargers:

+ Don't count out the Chargers dealing Michael Turner before the trade deadline, especially if a team loses a back during the season and is willing to give up a ton to get Turner like first round draft pick.

+ It was a smart move to deal up to draft Eric Weddle. Had the Chargers used all those picks they sent to Chicago, there was no guarantee that those rookies would make the final roster. Smart move by the Chargers to do what it took to acquire a player they coveted.

I agree with Adam on both points. AJ Smith knows he is getting at least a 3rd round pick compensatory when Michael Turner signs with a team as a free agent, but when another team becomes desperate for a running back, I think Smith will put the hurt on and get a bounty for Turner in a trade.

And as for the trade-up to get Eric Weddle, my only concern is that the drop-off in talent between Weddle and guys like Josh Gattis might not be as large as the distance apart they were taken in the draft. And with AJ's keen sense to find talent, there will always be a question as to whether AJ Smith could have found a couple of Pro Bowlers with the picks he sent to the Bears.

And the other question I have, is why AJ Smith wasn't as willing to trade up in the first round to get a Reggie Nelson? There's no question I would have loved Reggie in Bolts. But Weddle is growing on me and he seems extremely excited to be in San Diego, and I like that about him.

Here is the link to the video
(you'll need a player than can handle Real Media files)

May 3, 2007

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