Are You Ready For Some Non-NFL Football? Anybody?

The United Football League (or UFL as it will be affectionately called) is a new league that is in the forming stages, lead by Dallas Mavericks billionare owner Mr. Mark Cuban (and friends).

"The NFL wants and needs competition," Cuban wrote. "They have grown so big and powerful that every move they make is scrutinized by local or federal officials. A competitor allows them to point to us and explain that their moves are for competitive reasons rather than the move of a monopoly."

There have been numerous leagues that have tried to compete with the NFL and a few that actually played games, starting with the AFL, which began in 1960 and fully merged with the NFL a decade later. It included such current franchises as New England, Oakland, Kansas City, San Diego, Buffalo, the New York Jets and Denver.

Oh, so Cuban is doing the NFL a favor then, is he? Okay that makes sense...

One thing I have learned is to never tell Cuban that he can't do something. The guy has the determination and the financial wherewithal to do just about any-damn-thing he wants. But the UFL is doomed to fail. Look how long it took ESPN to finally recognize MMA as a sport. And with the combined weight of the NFL Network and ESPN dominating the mindshare of football fans, I don't see this new league getting the coverage that would be absolutely necessary for it to be successful.

Also, the NFL's ties with the NCAA are stronger than ever, creating a pipeline of football into the NFL that flows almost year-round (College football, NFL Draft, NFL regular season and post season, offseason camps, etc).

Read: Cuban hopes to create league to rival NFL

May 31, 2007

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FanProphet said... Jun 4, 2007, 11:00:00 AM

I agree, I just don't see how any professional league could ever compete with the NFL. Why would anyone want to do that? The only good I see coming out of a league like this is if it's a small league of maybe 6 teams, and in the future maybe 2 or 4 of those franchises become expansion teams for the NFL. Then and only then do I see it working.

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