Chargers Depth Passes Kirwan's Test

Pat Kirwan is a respected NFL analyst. A former GM who has been involved in the NFL for many years, Pat Kirwan is a guy who knows a little bit about football.

Over at, Kirwan has a piece up about the importance of roster depth. With the preseason, regular season, and playoffs, there are many weeks of punishment that players endure to their bodies and injuries are a real issue. So it's important to have the right guys on the roster who can step in and help if, or when, they are called upon. These important non-starters are the guys who help make up a great team, and the Chargers are no exception.

The following are the questions that Kirwan poses the teams of the NFL, and give the answers from a Chargers prospective:

1. An experienced backup quarterback who can win more than half the games he may have to start. (Billy Volek)
2. A running back who can come off the bench and deliver 1,000 yards. (Michael Turner)
3. A third wide receiver who can step up to a starter's spot and deliver five to six receptions a game. (Eric Parker/Craig Davis)
4. A swing tackle who can stop a pass rush on either the left or right side. (Roman Oben )
5. An inside lineman who can play center or guard ... or at least give the line coach the flexibility to change the combination inside. (Cory Withtrow)
6. A second tight end who does not reduce the offensive package. (Scott Chandler)

1. A third defensive end who can rush the passer. (Jacques Cesaire)
2. A third defensive tackle who can create a rotation inside to keep the D-line fresh. (Ryon Bingham)
3. At least two backup linebackers with big contributions on special teams. (Tim Dobbins, Anthony Waters )
4. A third corner to build a nickel defense and start when needed. (Antonio Cromartie)
5. A third safety to build a dime defense and be versatile enough to play strong or free safety in a pinch. (Clinton Hart)

Obviously the Chargers, under their proactive and prepared GM AJ Smith, have the manpower and talent level to weather just about any storm they will face in the upcoming season in terms of roster depth and injuries.

May 23, 2007

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