Chargers Hope Trend Leads Them To Super Bowl

Dave Gladow does a fantastic job of breaking down what has become a recent trend in football. He compares the 06/07 Chargers to the 03/04 Patriots, the 04/05 Steelers, and the 05/06 Colts. What all these teams have so far in common is that they all finished the season with the best record in football, only to lose in the playoffs. But using that experience of how to win games in the NFL combined with learning from the mistakes made in the playoffs, helped the Pats, Steelers, and Colts come back and each win the Super Bowl.

Gladow think the Chargers will continue this trend but raises some good questions as well:

So the question is: Can the Chargers continue the trend and win the Super Bowl this year?

I'd say so, but they'll have to answer some questions of their own before we can truly know the answer.

For instance, will the Chargers' weaknesses at wide receiver and defensive back catch up with them? Also, can young quarterback Philip Rivers continue his development? And most pressing of all, will the team's offseason coaching change prove to be a detriment?

Props go out to Dave for putting together one of the best researched and in-depth piece on the Chargers I have read this year from national media.

May 26, 2007

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Steve said... May 29, 2007, 10:32:00 AM

I think coaching is no problem, as Turner is a much respected offensive coordinator who also is reknowned for developing young QB's.

Rivers is in great shape with Turner. He may have some struggles in his second year as starter, but Turner is the right guy to oversee his development. Rivers will trust what Turner tells him.

WR is a weakness, but no more so than last year. Actually with the draft and hopeful continued development of guys like Malcolm Floyd, we should be better than last year. If Turner plans to feature Gates more, that will also be another significant positive.

We may not win 14 games, but getting home field advantage throughout the playoffs is not necessarily the most important determinant in playoff success (as we saw last year...)

andrew said... Aug 13, 2007, 11:40:00 PM

Chargers fans will settle for nothing less than an afc champ appearance this year. This club is more stacked than any team in recent (going back to the 80s an dmid 90s niners) history.

everyone knows that the chargers were the best team in the league last year ; played their worst game of the season against the pats and still SHOULD have won. Then, we all know that the bolts would have punished the colts at home and mutilated the bears in the super bowl.

But, as every charger fan knows, we must EXPECT dissapointment.

I am nervous. We are all nervous. Being a Bolt fan makes you cynical. Its like you can foresee how our hearts will be crushed in the last 5 of the fourth quarter.

In my 20 years as a charger fan I have learned one thing: Stay humble and never, never get your hopes up.

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