Chargers Mini Camp '07

With the thoughts still fresh on my mind, I'm going to blog 'stream of consciousness' style:

Malcolm Floyd is a beast! I think he might have the biggest hands on the team. He is way thicker compared to last year. He has every chance to become the number one receiver and I am not exaggerating. Look out for this guy; he could become a serious weapon on this offense.

Vincent Jackson was getting a ton of reps, indicating he was the number one option on offense. He has shown some improvement in his ball skills in terms of attacking the football in the air, but his best trait is clearly his size and athleticism. As a pure receiver, he is not the best on the team.

Antonio Cromartie has added size to his frame, and looks real impressive. He still needs work, but his upper body is considerably bigger than last year, and this is a sign he is looking to become a better force in run support.

Unfortunately for Cromartie, Drayton Florence looked exceptional. He has tremendous anticipation and was making plays on the ball that other players couldn't make. I called out to him to resign, and he acknowledged me. I truly hope he signs an extension with the Chargers.

Clinton Hart has also added some size to his frame and looks more stout in run support. However, Eric Weddle was making plays every time he was on the field. Although he was running witht the second team, I think Weddle will be a fine player for the Bolts and will start by week one.

Marlon McCree did not practice but he was seen coaching the new guys, especially Eric Weddle. He seems to have taken Eric under his wing and has really worked well with him so far. I am extremely happy with Marlon McCree as a Charger, and its another example of how well AJ Smith handles the offseason.

Philip Rivers was fully participating in all the drills. He was making some great throws, and seemed to really work well with all of the receivers. Not worried at all with Phillip, just looking forward to how great he will eventually be.

Charlie Whitehurst reminded me a lot of a young Rivers. Hopefully he will continue to develop as a pro, and will fetch the Chargers a nice bounty in a trade. He has the size and can make the throws, he just needs to get his technique down and make better reads. He is the third-stringer with Volek in front of him.

The new linebackers looked pretty good as well. Siler and Waters didn't really stand out much, but they are both still really new to the pro game. Siler and Waters are impressive physical specimens though. Siler is incredibly wide in the shoulders and totally looks the part of a middle linebacker tackling machine, and Waters looks like he can play outside or inside.

A couple of sleeper guys on the team that could end up being really good?

Legedu Naanee (Size! This guy has the tools and looks like a mix between tight end and wide receiver.)

Tyrone Gross (I think he has a better long-term chance then Sproles. He catches the ball, and can make the inside run.)

Miguel Merrick (Extremely athletic for his size. Can make the play on a ball, and has the tackling skills of a linebacker.)

May 5, 2007

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