Dear Mayor, Is It or Is It Not Your Public Intention?!

The following piece was written by Caryl Foster, also known as csfoster2000

Dear Honorable Mayor Jerry Sanders of San Diego,

While I must say that I greatly appreciated hearing your desire to "re-open" discussions with the Chargers on the Qualcomm site as publicly stated by you on this morning's ScottandBR DoubleXX Radio Show, I must also unfortunately question the sincerity of your statement given the reality that the City of San Diego never publicly entered into serious discussions on this regional issue with the Chargers in the first place.

Yet despite my questioning of it, I sincerely hope that your intention was indeed sincerely stated and will soon be further broadcasted by you beyond that of the specific target market of sports fans listening today on the radio to include the reading of it in print by the general public at-large and, more importantly the televising of it as an official public notice of your intention to our City Council and City Attorney .

If or hopefully when you are ready to strongly pursue and in the short-run publicly fight for what everyone already acknowledges is in the long-run best interest of America's Finest City, its constituents, and the San Diego region as a whole (i.e. Keeping the Chargers the San Diego Chargers ), please do so without first continuing to sit back "waiting to hear" from the Chargers but rather by first finally taking the time to evaluate and offer a realistic counter-proposal to what was put on the public table by the Chargers but never publicly responded to in good faith by the City of San Diego.

The San Diego Chargers did their part and the City of San Diego has yet to do theirs. As it has long been, the football is still in your hands and if you need help carrying it down the field and across the goal line in pursuit of a win-win public touchdown, I and a great many other citizens, all with the best future interest of our City in our hearts, are more than ready, able and willing to help you regardless of the adverse intentions of the few who will not.

Is It or Is It Not Your Public Intention?!

Caryl S. Foster
San Diego Gaslamp

May 14, 2007

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