Dwayne Bowe's Got A 'Boo-Boo'

Dwayne Bowe ended the Chiefs' three day minicamp with ice on his leg. Coach Herm, whats up with Bowe's leg?

"He actually got what you call – or what I tell my daughters is - a boo-boo. He has a little boo boo. He’ll be fine."

So does the leg explain the hands? I mean, he's been dropping some balls in practice.

"He’s a guy that is very excitable. He wants to make things happen and he was probably pressing. I could see that. But you could see that he could do very, very well and that’s why we drafted him. There are some things you know that when you watch him you go, ‘wow.’ He’s got a chance to be a very good football player."

Dropping passes was a knock on Bowe coming out of college, so this is not a good sign if you are a Chiefs fan. I know its still early but he isn't even in full pads running around the field, with defensive backs ready to explode on him like a heat-seeking missile. That's okay, because as Coach Herm put it, he's got a 'chance' to be a good player.

Meanwhile, in San Diego, things are going swimmingly for Bowe's former LSU teammate, Craig 'Buster' Davis. While Davis too battled an injury in practice, for the most part Coach Turner seemed very impressed.

"Craig Davis, in the three practices he was in, was outstanding. He's got great hands...strong hands. He's got great speed and he's a strong route runner."

Hmmm...Davis has great hands, you say? And he's faster than Dwayne Bowe? Tell me, why exactly was Bowe drafted ahead of him? Oh yea, it's because Bowe looks better in shorts.

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May 23, 2007

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Chris said... May 24, 2007, 7:58:00 AM

They're similar Rob but I think you may have a case of jealousy.

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