Release The Handcuffs And Let Rivers Flow

The following piece was written by Matt Staples

The key to 2007? Unleash Rivers!

Norv Turner and the new coaching staff hold the key to a very interesting lock. The lock I am referring to is the one placed on Philip Rivers last season by Marty and Cam Cameron. Being that it was his first year starting, for what many considered to be the most talented team in the league, the coaching staff decided that they were not going to let Philip lose any games for the San Diego Chargers.

Last season the coaching staff kept a close eye on Philip and seemed almost like he was on a pitch count, much like an ace starter in a baseball game. In other words, I think Marty and Cam had decided how many times they were going to let him throw the ball even before the first snap of each game. With all of this in consideration, Philip still had an amazing season leading the Chargers to a season that ended with a 14-2 record and a Pro Bowl appearance for the quarterback. But with all that he accomplished last season, I still do not think we have seen what this young man can really do on the football field.

After watching Philip over the last three years (coming up on four), I have seen this guy make throws that I did not think were possible... and he did it with ease. The man just looks like the prototypical NFL quarterback as he stands tall in the pocket, has a cannon-like arm, and can get the ball out of his hands faster than any other quarterback I have ever seen. It has been a long time since the Chargers have had this kind of god-given talent at the quarterback position; at least not since the Dan Fouts era in the 1980’s.

Its now a new year and a new coaching staff. It is my hope that they will turn the key and release the lock on the handcuffs that were put in place last season. If this happens then San Diego Chargers fans are in for a treat in ’07, as a superstar will be born.

May 29, 2007

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