Two Chargers To Build A Franchise Around

The ESPN writers are doing what we are all doing at this point in the offseason...postulating.

The question they are posing is 'The Best: Player I'd start a franchise with...'

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Carson Palmer all got one vote a piece. LaDainain Tomlinson and, interestingly enoug, Shawne Merriman, also got a vote.

While as a Chargers fan I have no problem with building a franchise around Shawne Merriman, I don't know that NFL fans in general would agree with Len Pasquarelli with his pick:

Len Pasquarelli: Shawne Merriman, LB, San Diego
The preference in choosing one player with whom to start a franchise would, of course, be a quarterback. But because it typically takes 5-7 years for a franchise to begin to demonstrate real results, it's probably impractical to choose a player like Peyton Manning, who still has plenty of productive seasons remaining, but has played nine years. Even Carson Palmer, a possible choice, is 27 years old. Tailback LaDainian Tomlinson? He'll be 28 in June, just at the cusp of a dangerous age at his position, and has averaged 407.2 touches in six seasons. That's a lot of tread rubbed off the tire.

So my choice is San Diego linebacker Shawne Merriman, who has played only two seasons, and just turned 23 this past Friday. The Chargers' star, who is aptly nicknamed "Lights Out," has a remarkable sack-per-game average. He's appeared in 27 games and has 27 sacks, including 17 sacks in just a dozen outings in 2006. Although his skills-set fits best in a 3-4, Merriman, whose versatility is also demonstrated with 11 passes defensed and six forced fumbles, would be a dominant defender in any scheme. His four-game suspension last year for a violation of the league's steroid policy is a little troubling, but put a chip on his shoulder and made him even more devastating. He should dominate for many more years

Pasquarelli noted Shawne Merriman's sacks per game ratio, a formula I had first researched last year. The least he could do was link over to the BH! Ah well...

May 29, 2007

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