Would The Anaheim Chargers Be That Bad?

By now I'm sure everyone knows about the contentious relationship between the City of San Diego and the San Diego Chargers. The City doesn't want the Chargers, but the County has expressed interest in helping to find a site within county borders for which the Chargers could build a brand-new stadium.

The few possibilities that existed within the county just got fewer, now that National City has dropped its bid. According to National City Mayor Ron Morrison, the San Diego City government is basically inept at working on levels such as building and planning major infrastructure. Disappointing, and embarrassing for the City of San Diego, no doubt:

“From Day One, I knew it would be an uphill battle because I've worked with local governments for a long time,” Morrison said. “This is a very fast process, and local government isn't used to moving very fast.”

While it is a blow to the Chargers hopes of staying within the county, it doesn't come as any surprise to Chargers representative Mark Fabiani that the City continues to drag it's feet on the issue:

“National City found out the same thing we've been finding out for five years – it's difficult to get the city of San Diego and other partners to engage in a meaningful issue,” Fabiani said. “It's not a great surprise to us. It's disappointing, but it's something we came to terms with a while ago.”

So scratch National City off the list. What do we have left? Mission Valley is obviously out, although that is the best place for a stadium by far. Chula Vista? Ehh....pretty far south and kind of stuck in the corner, but nevertheless I want the Chargers to remain the San Diego Chargers. Oceanside is a nice location, and could draw on the potential revenue of the Orange County and Riverside fans.

But going outside the county, is the Anaheim Chargers really that bad? I guess one way to look at it is that at least they would remain in Southern California. Sure, San Diegans lose out on the pride of the town, but at least it would still be possible to drive to the stadium and catch a game. And I think as bad as it sounds, fans should start preparing themselves for the very real possibility that the Chargers will eventually pack their bags and go somewhere else. San Antonio and Las Vegas have expressed much interest and have the wherewithal to offer the Chargers a nice package. Still, I think all fans want to keep the San Diego Chargers somewhere in San Diego...city or county.

May 14, 2007

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