A Better Matchup Than Rivers Versus Brees Is Hard To Find

Clearly the AFC is loaded with elite teams, with Baltimore, San Diego, Indianapolis, and New England all likely to be in the mix for a Super Bowl berth this season.

Conversely, its the NFC that lacks the caliber of talent that the AFC possesses. Looking around the NFC, i'm having a hard time deciding which teams I want to watch in the Super Bowl. I mean, at this point I wouldn't mind two AFC teams playing against each other for the Lombardi Trophy.

There's the Bears, but thats a yawner. The Seahawks also sound like a boring match -up for the AFC Champs. I guess the Cowboys would be an interesting team to watch compete in the Super Bowl. But if I could pick the teams, it would be a San Diego Chargers versus the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl. In fact, over at NFL.com there is a poll asking besides the Patriots, what team has the best chance to win the Super Bowl? Chargers and Saints are the favorites at this point.

Chargers / Saints has both the star power and storyline to make it one of the best Super Bowls in recent memory. Lets go over the bullet points, shall we?

  • It's Rivers vs Brees all over again, except now these guys are playing against eachother on separate teams. It'll be a high flying game as each Pro Bowl quarterback tries to out-play the other.

  • LT and Brees are best friends. They finished #1 and #2 in voting for the MVP award last year, and they shared the Walter Peyton NFL Man Of The Year award. A couple of class acts, these two are also fierce competitors when it comes to football.

  • The Chargers need a new stadium in San Diego, and Arizona is hosting the big game. Their new complex will give Chargers fans a look at what a state-of-the-art facility looks like and will hopefully increase the demand for a new stadium in San Diego.

  • Speaking of Arizona, thats where Reggie Bush's former USC teammates Deuce Lutui and Matt Leinart play pro ball. The press would be all over those guys getting back together.

  • Bush and LT train together in the offseason. Reggie Bush is a proud product of San Diego, and he comes to town during the offseason. LT has taken Bush under his wing and has shown him the ropes of the NFL. Bush learns what it takes to be the best from LT, and the two share a bond as star running backs.

  • The proximity of Arizona from San Diego is close. In fact, its the closest NFL stadium to San Diegans and traveling over to Glendale would not be difficult at all for Charger fans.

There is probably loads more reasons why Chargers vs Saints makes so much sense for this season's Super Bowl and it's one of the match-ups I'm most looking forward to happening.

June 3, 2007

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