BoltHype Chats With Cletis "Flash" Gordon

EDIT: Since not everyone will know who Gordon is, I'll say a little more about him...

Cletis is a backup Cornerback who has a chance to play nickel packages in 2008. Physically, he is our most impressive backup corner not counting Antonio Cromartie. He is also a great kick returner who could eventually start in that role on special teams.

Cletis Gordon is a guy to watch in training camp. He is battling for a job just like everybody else, but he is an interesting player because he bring a lot of things to the table. With Michael Turner and Drayton Florence potentially gone in a year or two, Gordon might have a shot to return kicks (Turner's job) and play some corner (Florence's job).

Below is the transcript of the interview:

Hey CG,

1. How has the offseason been going for you? What is your approach heading into this season in terms of getting better?

This has been a productive offseason for me.

Ive been focusing on getting better as cornerback and as a returner. I approach everyday with the same focus and commitment to get better. I'm convinced that it will carry over to the season.

2. How competitive are the guys in the secondary? There seems to be battles going on at all the positions.

The competition is always great in football, especially in the secondary. I think it is good for our team. It brings out the best in players, and allows all of us to get better

3. After having some big returns last year in the preseason, I think you surprised some fans. Are you in the mix to return kicks this year?

Yes. I think the guy who is the most consistent at fielding the ball and making good decisions should get the job. I'm confident in my ability to do those things.

4. The Drayton Florence contract situation is something a lot of people will be watching out for this season. Have you talked to him and has he shared to you his desire to get resigned?

I really don't know any details about Drayton's situation. I just wish him the best.

5. In your opinion, what are the strengths to your game that separates you from other players.

My instincts, height, and speed are best attributes. Playing cornerback takes a lot of skill. I'm determined to improve in all aspects of my game.

6. Is Cromartie really the fastest guy on the team?

Cromartie is fast, but Flash Gordon is faster!! I think we need to set an event for the fans to come out and see the both of us race. We can settle this once and for all.

7. Who are your closest friends on the team?

Cromartie, Gross, and Gregory.

8. What receiver on the team seems the most improved from last year? Anybody going to step up and surprise some people?

It is a little early to tell. V Jack looks good. I was also impressed with Craig Davis' ability in our first mini camp. We can get a better idea of who is stepping up in training camp.

9. What two or three teams on your schedule do you think will be the fiercest competition for the Chargers?

When u have a team that went 14-2, it is hard to sneak up on anyone. All the teams will be ready to play us. The patriots, colts, and bears will be some good games to watch.

Thanks Flash, we'll have to do this again at some point...see you at training camp!

June 7, 2007

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FanProphet said... Jun 8, 2007, 7:52:00 PM

Who's this guy?

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