Scott Wright Grades The Chargers' 2007 Draft

Scott Wright is one of the most well-respected draft analysts in the country. I personally have a great deal of respect for Mr. Wright in that he was able to turn what was a hobby and a passion into something he does for a living. Projecting an NFL Draft class is a year-round endeavor, and there are few as dedicated to their craft as Wright is to his.

Scott is very accurate in his projections year after year, so it is with more than a gain of salt I take his draft grades:

In all likelihood the Chargers will only get two guys out of this class who will make major impacts as rookies but on a team this strong and deep it's always tough to make much of a dent on the depth chart. I do have an issue with the team failing to trade Michael Turner because now instead of getting a nice little package of draft picks for a backup they will lose him and get no compensation a year from now. However, San Diego did fill a couple of pressing holes at wideout and safety while replenishing their overall depth with guys who could make an impact a few years down the line so overall this was another solid job.


Considering the drop-off in talent among safeties after Eric Weddle, it is looking like a genius move by AJ Smith and staff to pull the trigger and move was up to the top of the second round.

Taking Anthony Waters in round 3 could be a steal, but I do wonder why the team took a linebacker so high. Its true that Waters could have, in another year, been a first rounder and he was a tremendous value in round three.

As for Craig Davis, he will have to prove that he will stay healthy, but his style of play is exactly what the offense needed.

I think a 'B' is a fair grade and aside from a few minor mistakes in his analysis of the Chargers (the team will get a compensatory when Michael Turner signs with another team), Scott Wright once again impresses me.

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June 12, 2007

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