Shaun Phillips New Nickname Is 'Fly Boy'

Few people in can rock a pink Polo shirt like Shaun Phillips can. In his recent appearance on the NFL Network with teammate Luis Castillo, Phillips was seen sporting his clean cut look. I didn’t get a chance to see what kicks he was rocking, but no doubt he had had his stunna shades nearby and a fresh pair of jeans. And don't expect Phillips to get on camera without getting his hair cut. He brought along his own barber to the NFL Network Studio. We should change Phillips nickname from ‘The Other Guy’ to ‘Fly Boy’

As for the football talk, Eisen basically asked Castillo and Phillips about how the team was responding to the new coaching changes. Phillips explained that they are trying to get on the same page with the new staff, and are making strides in doing so. Keep in mind, Shaun has a new position coach, a new defensive coordinator, and a new head coach:

Right now, it’s all about gelling. We’re gelling together as a team. We are learning to trust coaches and coaches are learning to trust us. They’ll learning how we work and we are learning how they work. It’s all about gelling right now. - Phillips

And you’re not talking about your shoe inserts? - Eisen

Castillo is a class act and is an excellent ambassador for the Chargers and for the NFL in general. Its nice to see a couple of clean-cut players represent the NFL is a good way, and at the same time perform at such high levels on the football field.

Castillo said he wants at least 10 sacks this season, and combined with ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Fly Boy’ they should hit around 45 sacks. Lofty goals, but these three are devastatingly good at what they do.

Watch: Chargers DL Luis Castillo and LB Shaun Phillips in studio (Real Media Player required)

June 1, 2007

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