A Variety Of Elite Weaponry

I've been thinking about what this season has in store for the offense, and there are a couple of things I think are going to happen, or at least have a good chance to happen.

The first is that Philip Rivers is going to pass for 4000 yards. His handcuffs will be removed, and he is going to have the most talented group of receivers in San Diego since I can remember. Norv Turner is going to experiment all offseason with ways to use his weapons, and we will see new things in terms of players running different types of routes.

Gates will be moved around more; not just in motion, but in where he lines up on the line of scrimmage. He'll act as a slot receiver at times, he'll work the sideline and get deep, and he'll of course chip block and release.

Vincent Jackson could be more of a deep threat, but he could just as easily line up like a tight end. Malcolm Floyd has shown he can get down the field, and certainly new rookie Craig Buster Davis has deep-threat speed. Davis can also release from the slot, and he'll be given the opportunity to take a reverse like Keenan McCardell did in his time here.

Of course Tomlinson will also get out into the flats more often because Norv Turner is going to find ways to get both of his top running backs on the field at the same time in LT and Michael Turner. Since Tomlinson is so dangerous when catching the ball out of the backfield, its likely that in cases where Turner and Tomlinson are on the field, it will be Tomlinson playing the role of a receiver and Turner as the pure running back.

The Chargers will also be using their tight ends not named Gates. Legedu Naanee and Scott Chandler are natural receivers who have, because of their body frame and size, have converted to tight ends / H-Backs. These guys are big, athletic, and excel at running routes and catching the ball. Where they will need to improve most as NFL players is their blocking abilities. I certainly expect to see Naanee and Chandler catching plenty of balls in preseason games. Whether or not that happens during the regular season, we will wait and see.

One thing is for certain, and that is that Norv Turner has arguably the most explosive offense he has ever had the opportunity to coach, and because of the talent level at so many positions on the offense, he'll have the unique opportunity for experimentation. No other offense in the NFL has the variety of elite weapons like the San Diego Chargers.

June 14, 2007

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AL said... Jun 14, 2007, 10:43:00 PM

I was listening to Norv's interview with the Mikey Show on Rock 105.3. He sounds like he'll be good, I just pray that he'll bring us to the Superbowl. Great blog by the way. I've started up a little blog about San Diego since I'm so in love with San Diego.


I'm putting this blog on my blogroll for easy access.


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