Don't Look For A 1000 Yard WR In San Diego

Its become somewhat of a recent trend in the NFL where teams are featuring two-back rushing attacks and a more opened up pass attack. Teams are throwing it around a lot, and this means the wide receiver position has become something to focus on when it comes to compiling your fantasy football draft board.

Michael Fabiano from knows the Chargers will have one of the most potent offenses in the league, but he isn't too enamored with the Bolts' wide receivers fantasy potential:

Keenan McCardell's release has opened the door for Vincent Jackson, who is now the team's top wide receiver and a terrific sleeper candidate for fantasy football owners. Eric Parker is the current No. 2, but he'll receive competition from rookie Craig Davis. Neither is worth more than a late-round flier in larger formats. Malcolm Floyd and Kassim Osgood are in the mix for the fourth spot, but neither has draft value. Antonio Gates will be the first tight end taken in almost all formats.

Who will emerge as the team's go-to guy? It's totally up in the air at this point. Vincent Jackson is the default number one right now. While Jackson is clearly the most physically gifted and has tremendous upside, Malcolm Floyd is the more talented and natural pass catcher. The Chargers spent a first round pick on Craig Davis, so there is certainly nice mix of youth and talent in the group.

The Chargers passing offense and the 49ers passing offense that Norv Turner ran last year is very similar. There is a nice distribution of catches among a number of players. The running back catches lots of balls in both offenses, and neither team featured a 1000 yard receiver. The main difference is that the Chargers were more efficient and generally had better production among a similar number of opportunities.

Bottom line? Don't expect any wide receiver on the Chargers to be a 1000 yard guy. Its just not a very likely scenario with Antonio Gates, LaDainian Tomlinson, and a nice mix of similarly talented young wide outs all on the roster.

If you look back to the 2005 season, the team featured an 1100+ yard Tight End (Gates), as well as a 900+ yard receiver (Keenan McCardell). So why would I claim that in 2007, its pretty unlikely a receiver reaches the magically 1000 mark?

In 2005, Drew Brees had an amazing 500 attempts passing...and the team went 9-7. The team had to play from behind at times, and did not do a great job of controlling the game. Also, in the 2004, 2005, and 2006 seasons, 2005 was the lowest rating for the Chargers starting QB. So for a receiver to get to 1000 yards, Philip Rivers will need to throw the ball in excess of 500 times this season.

Is it possible that Rivers is unleashed to that extent? Sure. Manning, Brady, Brees...those guys throw it more than 500 times a season. But neither of those QBs have, or are, the best player in the game. And neither of those QBs has the best tight end in the game. With the way the Chargers are built, its the LT and Gates show and the wide receivers just need to help take the pressure off of those guys.

I'll get some better insight when seeing the guys practice, but at this point I can confidently predict that because of the excellent dispersion of talent on offense, I can't foresee a wide receiver on the roster gaining 1000 yards receiving in 2007.

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July 7, 2007

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Ivan Abrahim said... Jul 7, 2007, 2:02:00 PM

Im going to have to disagree. During the last month of the season, Vincent Jackson showed what hes capable of (71 yards per game, 3 TD in final 4 games), and considering he spent his entire first season working with rivers during practices as the top backups, im willing to bet that Jackson this year not only will pass the 1,000 yard mark, but will be our top receiving threat, yes even over gates

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