Outside The West, What Division Is The Best?

Let me just say that as much a fan of the Chargers that I am, I am equally a fan of the sport of football. I would love the NFL even if the Chargers did not exist. Looking around the league at the various divisions, which division is my favorite?

If for no other reason, the AFC West is my favorite division in football because my favorite team plays in it. But of course there are many reasons why the AFC West is such an exciting division. All four teams have made the playoffs in the past five seasons. The Broncos, Chiefs, and Raiders (not so much, muwhahaha!) have been tough opponents for the Chargers.

The Broncos have become the Bolts newest biggest rival in the division. The Chiefs always play the Chargers tough. And although the Raiders have become the Chargers' lil biotches the past few years, their fans are still a dangerous bunch and when the Raiders come to San Diego, there is increased security at the stadium for a reason!

But outside the AFC West, what division stands out? What division has a group of good teams, all with potential playoff caliber?

I would say the AFC North is the best division in football outside of the AFCW. The Baltimore Ravens are an extremely good team with a dominating defense, led by Ed Reed and company. The Cincinnati Bengals have some of the best offensive playmakers in the game in Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson, and Carson Palmer. The Pittsburg Steelers were Super Bowl champs in '05. And the Cleveland Browns are a young and talented team that is looking to become a contender.

Top to bottom, the AFC North has a group of solid teams; some you may even call 'elite'. It will be interesting to see how that division shakes up in 2007. The way those teams play each other in the division, you never really know who will be the AFCN champs.

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July 1, 2007

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