Shock And Awe-some: Chargers Land Paul Oliver

Wow, can't say I saw this one coming. Just yesterday I talked about how the Chargers would probably sit out the Supplemental Draft. There was word that the Chargers had interest in Defensive Back Paul Oliver, but then again many teams had interest in this young talent.

BoltHype columnist Ivan Abrahim had previously expressed that he felt Oliver would be a good fit for the Chargers.

If AJ doesnt plan to bring back Florence next year (BIG mistake!), i think Oliver would make a great choice and could sit and learn for a year then become the nickel next year behind Jam/Cro.

While I certainly will acknowledge that Paul Oliver is extremely talented (I saw how he shut down Sidney Rice and Calvin Johnson), it is that same acknowledgment that led me to believe that to land Oliver in the draft would take a day one pick.

I did not feel that Oliver was worth a first or second round pick, especially considering the fact that Florence and Cromartie will be here this year, and that next year's NFL Draft will feature a great crop of defensive backs. For this reason, I figured that AJ Smith would sit out the Supplemental Draft.

To my amazement, AJ Smith threw out a fourth (the Supplemental Draft is a closed process. Teams place a bid and sit and wait to see if their's was the highest bid) and it actually worked. I had expected a few teams to bid at least a third on Oliver. He is that talented. But for only a fourth round pick, AJ Smith and the Chargers landed a major steal.

Adding Paul Oliver to the mix now increases the competition level and talent level of the secondary to all-time levels. While it is somewhat disappointing that the Chargers seem to not view Cletis Gordon as a potential starter, that disappointment is replaced with the hope that the Chargers will field the most talented secondary that I have ever seen in Bolts. Whether or not the talent that players like Eric Weddle, Antonio Cromartie, and Paul Oliver is ever materialized into production and consistency in the NFL remains to be seen; but on paper the Chargers' roster contains the best mix of talent in the secondary that I can remember seeing. Hats off to AJ Smith and crew for finally addressing what has been a pressing need in San Diego for a long time.

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July 12, 2007

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Anonymous said... Jul 13, 2007, 3:08:00 PM

I see what you mean about expecting some team to bid a 1st or 2nd or 3rd on him. That would be to high for the chargers to do. considering those two Phillips from Miami and Flowers from VTech are coming out next year. the DB crop will be deep indeed!

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