According To Terrell Davis, The Chargers Are Super Bowl Favs

You know, I always liked Terrell Davis. Even when he was in Denver running all over the Chargers' defense, I still respected the way he played the game. Sure his military-style salute got kinda old after a while, but he was a native San Diegan who fought the odds en route to breaking records and winning Super Bowls while playing for the Broncos. His 1998 season was probably the most dominant season I can remember a running back having, aside from LT's 2006 campaign.

Terrell has picked the San Diego Chargers as his Super Bowl favorites and has predicted a 13-3 regular season finish. Obviously I am in agreement with Mr. Davis, but he makes an interesting point that I hadn't really considered; If the Chargers win the AFC Championship game but lose in the Super Bowl, the fans would still be satisfied with the season. I think he is right, although a recent poll on BoltHype showed that 95% of the fans believe that the team is winning the Super Bowl this year.

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August 29, 2007

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Rich Campbell said... Aug 30, 2007, 8:43:00 PM

Count me as one that would NOT be satisfied with just getting there...

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