Chargers Tidbits From Around The Web V

Why anyone would do work when they could be reading about Chargers football is beyond me. Oh yea, bills. Stupid bills. No not those Bills. These bills. Enjoy the following Chargers stories on your lunch break I guess.

Apparently Coach Norv Turner likes what he has at Wide Receiver. And with good reason. Unlike Dwayne Bowe and Calvin Johnson, rookie Craig Davis is actually signed and is progressing nicely. Not to mention Vincent Jackson should be much improved this season and Malcolm Floyd is dangerous when healthy.

A harrowing fact last year was the number of close games the Chargers were able to win. I blame most of those close wins on Marty's head. There was some shoddy play calling many times last season. Sure the team went 14-2, but could have just as easily went 11-5. Coach Turner is going to make sure the team doesn't get over-confident to the point where they fail to finish games.

We all know AJ Smith's stance on his players. "You are a Charger for one year at a time" he says. With all of the off-the-field distractions that happened last year, its not surprising to see guys like Steve Foley and Terrance Kiel no longer with the team. AJ is sending a strong message to the team that if you screw up your opportunity to be a Charger, don't expect second chances.

There is no question in my mind that Luis Castillo is one of the elite defensive linemen in the game today. He is approaching the level of guys like Richard Seymour and Trevor Pryce. What he is able to do to disrupt an offensive from the defensive line position is amazing. Castillo, in his relentless pursuit to improve as a player, is working extra hard this offseason to get quicker off the snap and stay injury-free.

Ah yes, power rankings. Nothing inspires debate among hardcore NFL fans like power rankings. Even though we may not always agree with a list, we still love to look at them. FOX Sports, in their training camp rankings, has the Chargers as the third best team in the league. Can't really complain with that, as you can make a strong case each for Indy, New England, or San Diego as the cream of the NFL crop.

Speaking of New England, there are some Patriots fans that think the the Chargers secondary can't matchup with Tom Brady and his receivers (Moss, Welker, Stallworth). That offensive power, plus the addition of pass-rushing force Adalius Thomas, is going to be enough to stop the Chargers' quest for a Super Bowl this year. I don't know about that...

When it comes to fantasy football running backs, its Ladainain Tomlinson and everyone else. However, according Inside Bay Area, this might be the best year ever to have the last pick in the draft because you are likely to still get a quality running back. That's a testament to the level of talent in the league right now at that position with guys like Frank Gore, Steven Jackson, Larry Johnson, Willie Parker, and others.

The Chargers are the kings of the mountain in the AFC West. The Denver Broncos are doing everything they can to reclaim that throne. But its definitely an uphill battle they are facing, especially when the Chargers scored 173 more points than the Broncos did last year.

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August 2, 2007

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