Gameday - Seattle Seahawks At San Diego Chargers

It's finally here; the 2007 NFL Preseason. The Chargers will play host to the Seattle Seahawks in a nationally televised, primetime game. You should be watching; I know I will be.

The preseason does matter. And yes, you should care. A preseason game is the rare occasion where the score is inconsequential. Winning or losing a preseason game is unimportant. What is important is to see how certain players are progressing in their development.

The main starters on offense and defense will play only a limited amount of reps. After the starters get their work in, they will defer to the second and third teams. This is the the fun part, because we get to watch guys like Eric Weddle, Tim Dobbins, Charlie Whitehurst, and Antonio Cromartie get lots of reps and hopefully make big impressions.

It in the preseason last year when I first saw how good Marcus McNeill really was. I came away extremely impressed with his preseason performance, which went a long way in quelling the uneasy feeling I had about losing Roman Oben and being forced to start a rookie Left Tackle. I'm hoping that Charlie Whitehurst and Eric Weddle have great performances and prove that they, if called upon, can start for this team and continue to lead it towards its championship aspirations.

Here are all my notes from Sunday's game:

  • Called in to the Rock1053 show and asked about Whitehurst's future with the team. The guys seem to think he'll stick around and wont be traded
  • Closing in on game time here. Can't wait to see merriman get his sack
  • Prediction- 30 something to two scores (10 or 14)
  • LT says Norv Turner is a demanding coach
  • Was that eric weddle making a nice special teams play?
  • Not surprising Hart gets the start
  • Love seeing jamal bat that ball. What a play!
  • McCree and Jammer couldn't stop Branch. Nice play
  • Interesting how Florence was taken out of the game and cromartie goes in
  • Sproles needs a nice day today returning the ball
  • Buster davis moving the chains on an interesting play
  • Turner never goes down easy. He is almost too good
  • Back to back penelties on the offense. Now a sack given up. Not a good start
  • With third and long coming up lets see what norv dials
  • I like going for it on fourth and one but their defense is out-physicaling us
  • Looks like ryon bingham is playing defensive end
  • What's with the lack of focus on offense? Another penalty
  • Offense needs to get the passing game on track
  • I'm very pleased with what we have at receiver right now. Floyd looking big and physical
  • Okay what's going on with rivers? We can't throw the ball
  • Now jackson with a fumble. Davis fumbled two plays ago. And floyd dropped a pass
  • Surprised to see waters on the field running around
  • Cletis gordon making a nice tackle on defense. How often can you say that?
  • Eric weddle with an outstanding interception. Making his case for a starting role
  • Volek in hid first pass is bad. Lets see if he bounces back
  • Sproles taking a handoff but there is nothing there
  • Its all good with osgood . Nice run after the catch
  • Lekkerkerker has a nice hand punch. Needs serious footwork training
  • Would like to see improvement across the board with the second team oline
  • Team gets the ball back off of a fumble. Volek needs to score
  • Andrew pinnock has hands. Great catch
  • Brandon McKinney with a big play behind the LOS
  • Waters with a physical tackle
  • Carlos polk with an impressive shed off a block
  • The best second unit is the defense by far
  • Less than five minutes left in the half. Closer game than I expected
  • Naanee and floyd with a couple of great catches
  • Sproles running the ball pretty well so far. Take nothing away from the oline though
  • Malcolm floyds been looking fantastic. He needs to be resigned this season. He is part of the future
  • Lorenzo neal has been around for a thousand years - Al Michaels
  • Volek getting the job done right now, but his passes have been a little wobbly at times
  • Another good run by sproles to end the half.
  • It took some time for the second team offense to start clicking but they got it going and scored
  • The second team defense is an impressive group. Some great depth and talent there
  • Second half now. Sproles getting every return opportunity thus far
  • Pinnock getting some carries. I like how he runs.
  • Watch floyd and you'd swear he was a pro bowler
  • Volek getting in the groove now and looking much much better
  • The second team oline is performing a lot better. Volek is getting plenty of time in the pocket
  • Nice kick by nate, and with that the chargers take the lead for the first time
  • Pinnock doesn't quite have Turner's talent, but they both run the ball with power
  • Kaeding good from 27 yards out. 13 - 7 san diego
  • Paul oliver is big and physical. I wonder how he would look at free safety
  • The announcers are noting the versatile players the chargers have. Credit AJ Smith with drafting them
  • Whitehurst standing tall in the face of pressure
  • And that ladies and gentleman, is Tyronne Gross
  • Whitehurst threaded a nice pass to camarillo
  • Charlie looking real good. Great technique and physical tools
  • Whitehurst has a loud cadence and squats low like rivers under center
  • He took a vicious sack but held onto the ball
  • Tyronne Gross looks like a mini LT out there. Great hands, quick feet
  • Real impressive how calm whitehurst remains when the pressure is coming
  • Kaeding adding on to the lead with a huge fifty yarder
  • LT said 'when' not 'if' about playing another playoff game
  • Brandon Siler in the game. Polk having a heck of a game
  • Sneaky little corner blitz from Paul Oliver
  • Unfortunately for Oliver he gets beat deep. I'd like to see him get a step faster physically and mentally
  • Jones with a kick return. We need to get that position nailed down
  • Whitehurst will stand and take a hit. Watching him this preseaon is going to be fun
  • I like the corner blitzes that the coaches are dialing up. Oliver might have some safety in him
  • Off topic - Chilli's vs Applebee's vs Friday's ... Who wins?
  • Another return from quinton jones
  • Nick roach has been all over the field today racking up tackles
  • Applewhite rushing hard but taking a wide angle. He'll learn different moves from watch shawne merriman
  • The seahawks have been easily moving the ball through the air against the third secondary team
  • Whitehurst to Gross is a regular occurrence. If it works keep doing it
  • Nearly picked off, whitehurst is getting one more chance. He converts on fourth down
  • Charlie has a live arm and throws a real pretty spiral
  • Can he convert on fourth again? Naanee converts across the middle on a great catch and run
  • Moving down the field, the offense has seconds to score
  • Whitehurst throws an interception. Possible fault of chandler who has been up and down today
  • The chargers lost on points but got some great looks at what eric weddle and malcolm floyd can
  • Not to mention the impressive performances of nanee, whitehurst, and McKinney

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August 12, 2007

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