Michael Turner, Please Don't Sign With Denver

Michael Turner is ridiculously good and his presence, in any division, must be accounted for. As I watch Turner run the ball against opposing defenses, the result is uncannily the same; Turner is a punishing runner who breaks tackles, has an explosive burst up the field, and consistently averages five to six yards a carry.

In fact, for his NFL career so far, Turner has averaged exactly 6.0 yards per carry on 157 attempts for 941 yards and 5 touchdowns. He is a force in the run game and in the return game.

Last year was his first time being a true kick returner, and he was impressive. On 36 returns, Turner gained 954 yards with an average of 26.5 per return. Altogether, Michael Turner was responsible for 1456 yards last season in both the running and return games.

Turner has been a joy to watch during his time here in San Diego, but this year, I have a sinking feeling when I imagine Turner doing to the Chargers defense what he has done to everyone else over the years. The thought of division rival Denver Broncos signing Turner to a long term contract next season is almost sickening. Michael Turner's north-south running style, combined with the Denver Brocnos' blocking scheme, could make for a prolific running game that would be almost unstoppable. And knowing the desire in Denver to get back to the Super Bowl and their unhesitating style to sign players who they feel could help them be dominant is downright scary. Lets not forget that Terrell Davis had over 2000 yards rushing while playing for the Broncos. If Jake Cutler shows improvement this season, the addition of Turner to that offense would be a major coup for the Broncos. It would make for the biggest splash of the offseason in my opinion.

I know I am getting WAY ahead of myself here. But if I am a GM looking for a running back next season, I am going to be watch Michael Turner very closely all year long.

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August 20, 2007

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