Notes From Rams Vs. Chargers Preseason Game

The Chargers came away with an impressive victory on Sunday as they beat the St. Louis Rams 30-13. It was a game that highlighted the improvement the team made from week 1 to week 2. More detailed write ups will come later this week after I rewatch the game, but in the meantime, you can read my quick notes. True to form, I was liveblogging the game and here is the entire transcript which was posted first on my twitter (click on to check it out):

The Chargers are heading into St. Louis and they hope to have a nice rebound performance.
The key for the offense is to be consistent and the key for the defense is to be opportunistic.
I want to see all three QBs make good decisions with the ball.
On defense its important for Eric Weddle to play well and keep competing for the starting job.
Special teams will of course highlight Darren Sproles and his performance. Will he impress?
I'm expecting Malcom Floyd to get many opportunities in this game. He may be the team's best receiver.
Kassim in position to make a play but Camarillo cleans it up.
Hart with a nice tackle at the LOS.
Tomlinson and Steven Jackson won't be playing today. Fantasy football guys breathe easy.
Bulger picking on the D Flo vs Holt matchup
I like the Rams offense. Some nice play calls so far. Defense can't stop them.
Rookie Brian Leonard is going to be a great pro.
Florence needs to stop drawing flags
I want to see Jammer make more physical plays like the one he had on Holt. Completion - but nice tackle
Phillips is the best at causing fumbles. A pro-bowl is hopefully in his future
On the first offensive play, Rivers goes deep to Buster

God I hope Denver doesn’t sign Mike Turner!
Four Pro Bowlers on a great play. McNeill vs Little, Rivers to Gates
Jackson makes a nice catch in the corner of the endzone.
Phillip Rivers looks much sharper this week
Sack fumble by Mr. Phillips. Once again, causing a fumble
The rams have a solid offensive line. Good test for our defensive line.
Jamal Williams is out of the game but McKinney is at least occupying a couple of blockers.
Secondary giving a bit too much of a cushion to Holt and Bruce.
Clinton Hart with a nice INT. He's having a nice game so far.
Gates has magnets for hands and the ball is made of metal.
Leonard Little is a beast. The Chargers have been having a hard time blocking him.
Another play by Shaun Phillips. This time a nice tip at the line of scrimmage.
The offense is moving the ball now, doing a nice job.
Vincent Jackson having a nice game so far. He is a major mismatch for the guy covering him.
Lots of penalties on offense by the receivers.
Still would like to see V. Jackson prove he can stretch out for a ball.
Florence again with a penalty!
I go to the kitchen for a second and Darren Sproles runs it back for a TD!
Cooper making tons of plays downfield.
Finished eating. Back now!

Tyrone gross in now running the ball
Pinnock usually has good hands. Couldn't get the handle on that pass from Volek.
So the third team defense is in now.
Cletis Gordon couldn't hold on to a possible INT.
Tim Dobbins has been playing at a high level. Its Wilhelm’s job too lose but Dobbins is pushing him.
Camarillo is a special teams standout who is always making catch after catch in practice.
I like how Applewhite rushes the passer. I'd like to see his feet get quicker though.
Cletis Gordon almost took the kickoff to the house.
Big play from Volek to Floyd.
Volek connects to Floyd and then Chandler for a nice touchdown drive.
Badly missed kick from Kaeding but that was caused by a bad hold from Scifries.
Outstanding coverage by Eric Weddle breaking up a pass in the endzone.
Cesaire has been having a great game so far.
Paul Oliver couldn't cover his man properly and gives up a touchdown.
Big play by Charlie Whitehurst to Osgood.
If Tyrone gross' injury is serious, it could guarantee Sproles makes the roster.
Cletis Gordon hangs on to this INT.
Chargers looking to add on some more using their strong run game. race?
Side note; Claude Wrotten is a beast!!

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August 20, 2007

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