Volek And Whitehurst Impressed On Sunday

Yesterday we posted our impressions of the Chargers offensive performance during their preseason 'loss' to the Seattle Seahawks. Today we'll look at how the defense performed, but before we get into the D, lets first wrap up the offense by taking a look at how the three Quarterbacks played.

OFFENSE continued

Philip Rivers only attempted seven passes, but he completed five of those for 71 yards. There was an opportunity to score some points, but there were some penalties and drops that hindered the first team offense's ability to score, such as a delay of game penalty and a missed exchange on a reverse play. Rivers obviously wasn't in midseason form, but he did do a nice job of spreading the ball around to a number of different targets.

After only a couple of series, Billy Volek came into the game and played a good number of reps with the second offense. He started out a bit shaky, but Volek was able to calm down and get into a nice groove. He was getting better protection up front and was able to hit Malcom Floyd in the endzone to score the Chargers only touchdown on the night. Volek had a fumble which was caused by a sack, but other than that turnover was pretty consistent at moving the ball down field using guys like Naanee and Chandler. It was nice to see Volek bounce back after looking subpar at times in training camp.

While the stat sheet may not reflect it, Charlie Whitehurst was the most impressive quarterback on Sunday…at least in my mind. Whitehurst had a commanding presence on the field, standing tall in the pocket and delivering rocket passes downfield. Whitehurst came into the game at a time when the team was behind and was trying to score in what little time was left in the game. Whitehurst gave up an interception but that very well could have been a touchdown had Scott Chandler run the right route. Whitehurst has a loud, barking cadence and sits low under center, similarly to the way Rivers does. Charlie Whitehurst has the physical tools to make for a fine quarterback and I look forward to watching his continued progress. While its pretty unknown what his future holds, it would be nice to parlay Whitehurst into a bounty of draft picks similar to what Atlanta got for trading Matt Schaub to the Houston Texans.

Okay so that takes care of the offense. Later we'll look at the Defense.

Come back later for impressions on the defense.

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August 14, 2007

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