Keyshawn Johnson Puts The Chargers Receivers On Blast

With the Chargers unable to score points in the first half of games this season, they sit uneasily at 1-1 heading into Green Bay, who are undefeated and posses a stingy defense. Clearly the Chargers have some issues to address, and Keyshawn Johnson thinks he knows exactly what the problem is:

"Vincent Jackson needs to play like his size. Not the hype coming into this year. Like the 6'5" guy that he is." - Keyshawn Johnson

Can't say he doesn't make some valid points. If you take Ladainian Tomlinson out of the equation, Antonio Gates has more catches than everyone else on the team combined (so far this season).

That's bad.

Keyshawn called out Vincent Jackson, the guy who is leading Chargers receivers in catches with 7 for 81 yards. Fitting, considering Jackson had a ball bounce of his chest in week one and another bounce off his back in week 2.

Clearly we need someone to emerge as a dependable guy. The receivers are a young group, and Keyshawn Johnson thinks AJ Smith needs to find a veteran guy, ASAP. At this point, I'm not sure who is available. Unless the team feels like bringing back a couple of ex-Chargers like Keenan McCardell or Tim Dwight, you'd be looking at a trade to get a guy. Not saying the Chargers need to pull off a trade mid-season (although AJ Smith has done so in the past). I'm not going all chicken little either. I'm just saying that I can see Keyshawn's point about the team lacking veteran leadership at the wide receiver position, and thats a position that certainly needs to have improved play.

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September 17, 2007

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