Player Of The Game: Week 1 & 2

Ladainian Tomlinson and the Chargers opened the season with a couple of big-time defenses in the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots.

LT failed to rush for at least 50 yards in back to back games; a first for his career. The Chargers have opened the season unable to score in the first half of conntests. Philip Rivers has looked shaky at times taking sacks and giving the ball away too many times with fumbles and interceptions.

The offensive line has not lived up to their dominant nature, and has been unable run the ball effectively. As for the recieving corp, they have been extremely disapointing. I had high hopes for that group, and I might have crowned them too early as the best group in the division.

As the Chargers move on from an unimpressive first two weeks, there is still a bright spot on the team. There has been a player who has made big plays and kept the team in games.

That player is Antonio Gates.

Gates has been every bit the all-star so far this season. He has been a major factor in the Chargers ability to score points, and has shown amazing versatility in his ability to line up all over the field. He is a true difference maker and has abused impressive defenses like the Bears and the Patriots.

After two weeks, here are Antonio Gates' stats:

Week 1 - Chicago at San Diego
9 REC, 107 YRD, 1 TD

Week 2 - San Diego at New England
7 REC, 77 YRD, 1 TD

Antonio Gates is more than desevering of the BoltHype Player Of The Week Award. But i'll admit that I'd like to be able to crown Rivers or Tomlinson next week.

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September 16, 2007

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