Problems At Right Tackle?

When Shane Olivea went down early in the first quarter with a nasty looking back tweak, I had two thoughts run through my head; 'Goddamn that must have hurt! & 'Oh shit, we're screwed.'

With Olivea down and out, I was worried that the right tackle spot would be a weak link on the offensive line. That is not to say Jeromey Clary is a bad player. On the contrary, he had a nice preseason and beat out Cory Lekkerkerker for the backup right tackle job. Lekkerkerker had been progressing decently but had problems with tripping over his own feet.

Clary has the size and strength that you like to see in a Tackle, but frankly he was a sixth round player and is entering only his second year. I like what Clary can be, but I like even better what the veteran player Roman Oben already is.

Oben is a savvy vet of 12 NFL seasons. His longevity is a testament to his ability to stay fit and play at a high level. He has good pass protection skills and is a good run blocker. Oben has been on championship teams before; he has a Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He knows what it takes to win and will be a stablizing force on the offensive line - a unit that has struggled in protection and run blocking this season.

If given the choice, I would start Roman Oben at Right Tackle over Jeromey Clary. If Shane Olivea is unable to go for week 3, I think I move Roman from the left tackle spot (his current position) over to the right. He'll have no problem adjusting to the position and he'll prove to be aliment to the offensive line's struggles. Remember, if not for the emergence of Marcus McNeill, Roman Oben would likely be starting right now.

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September 17, 2007

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