Time To Run More Spread Offense?

Having just faced two great defenses in Chicago and New England, the Chargers have seen first hand what eight and nine men in the box is doing to our run game and ability to score points. Teams are overloading up front, and the Chargers could do a better job at making adjustments.

The Chargers offense utilizes many two tight end sets and will often times have two backs in the backfield. All this does is play exactly into the hands of the defense. When the entire offensive is lining up inside the box, the defense is going to have a much easier time keying in on the one man who can hurt them most; Ladainian Tomlinson.

What the team needs to do is to take a page from the way the New England Patriots dominated them and run more spread-type offense. I want to see more single back formations, single tight end formations. Put all three receivers in the game and put Philip Rivers in the shotgun. Punish the defense when the blitz comes by hitting an open man and gaining some yards. Put Michael Turner in as the lone back and have him block. Or use LT on routes coming out of the backfield. Use the spread to force the defense into 3 deep zones and pull that safety out of the box.

The Chargers are heading into Green Bay this week and are going to be facing a talented but young defense. The Packers have made improving their defense a top priority the past few seasons, and it is paying off for them. The Pack are enjoying a six game win streak (dating back to last season) and are gaining some respectability back. But they are still very young, and are prone to mistakes. The Chargers can exploit the Packers D if they mix things up enough on offense, and I think running more no-huddle, spread-style offensive plays will help them in this way.

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September 20, 2007

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