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If you're a gamer and own an Xbox 360, then you already know what Achievements are. Achievements are basically badges that you collect when you play games on the Xbox 360 (and also some PC Games). They look like this:

Seeing as how I work full-time in the games industry, (the main reason I haven't been able to update the blog as much as I like...sorry guys!) its only natural that I look for ways to combine two of my favorite things - Chargers football and video games!

No, I haven't developed a new football game for 360, but I did create some Achievements that I'll be awarding different Charger players after each game. So lets kick it off this week and see who unlocked some Achievements:

Antonio Gates - 175 points

Antonio Gates had himself a big, big games against the Houston Texans. Gates scored twice on three receptions for 92 yards. He gains the following Achievements -

Philip Rivers - 200 points

Rivers didn't have to throw the ball much on Sunday. But when he did throw it, he made them count. Going 7 for 11 and gaining 190 yards with three touchdowns unlocked the following for Rivers -

Chris Chambers - 75 points

Welcome to San Diego Chris! In Chambers' first game as a Charger, he contributed immediately. Even though he only caught two passes, he gained 35 yards and scored a touchdown. The Texans certainly respected Chambers and had to play the Bolts honestly. He unlocks -

Eric Weddle / Stephen Cooper - 100 points each

These two players were important in limiting the Texans' ability to gain yards after the catch in the intermediate field. Weddle and Cooper are two players who are always around the ball, and their football instincts payed off to the tune of an interception for each. They unlock the following Achievements -

Antonio Cromartie - 350 points

If you unsure as to what Antonio Cromartie can do on the football field, then after Sunday you should have no doubts. Cromartie epitomized the word "playmaker" with his monster performance on defense and special teams. Cromartie intercepted two passes, scored twice, and racked up a couple of tackles. I expect him to be named the NFL Defensive Player of the Week, in addition to being the BoltHype MVP. He earns some massive Achievement points -

Lets see what achievements get unlocked next week...Sacks? Rushing touchdowns? 100+ yard performances?

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October 31, 2007

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