Is AJ Smith On The Hot Seat?

The Chargers getting off to a shaky start has been a huge disappointment for Chargers fans and the San Diego community. Expectations were extremely high after three winning seasons without a playoff victory to show for it. This year, not only are the Chargers playing for a third playoff birth in four years, but they are in many ways playing to gain the favor of the greater San Diego community, in hopes that the community would support the Chargers' search for a new stadium.

The rocky start to the season may have led to Oceanside withdrawing it's bid to host a stadium.

Dean Spanos can't be pleased with the city of Oceanside's decision. Losing them as a bargaining chip is a huge blow to their abilities to negotiate with other cities such as Chula Vista. Blame can't be place soley on the team's current 1-3 record, but who's to say that a dominating 4-0 start wouldn't have impacted Oceanside's decision?

Joel 'DiG' DiGiacomo of has some thoughts about AJ Smith's ego, and believes karma is bad in San Diego right now because of him.

Smith has carefully and successfully fostered an image in the media of being a brilliant judge of talent. So much so that he has been able to leave the impression that he is more responsible for the Chargers success last year than the coaching staff. Smith honestly believes that Marty had nothing to do with the Chargers winning last year.

In fact, it seems he believes that a coach who kowtows to the all-mighty GM would have more success than someone with 200 career victories. How dare Marty disagree on such personnel decisions as getting rid of Drew Brees, Donnie Edwards or hiring Ted Cottrell as defensive coordinator.

Just think if Norv Turner, with a career 58-82-1 record, won a championship. What would simultaneously validate A.J. Smith and invalidate Marty Schottenheimer more than that?

So I eagerly watched the Chargers this season to see if A.J. Smith might get some well-deserved comeuppance, at least temporarily. I mean the Chargers are loaded with talent. Norv Turner couldn't possibly keep that Ferrari in neutral for the whole season, could he?

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October 4, 2007

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