Will The Chargers Play The Texans On Monday Night?

With fires raging across San Diego County, the Chargers' focus turns from the Houston Texans to making sure their families and loved ones are safe. Qualcomm Stadium has been converted into an evacuation center, and it remains to be seen whether or not the stadium will be available for a football game on Sunday.

As a result of the poor air conditions, the Chargers have flown out to Tempe, Arizona where they will hold practice at the Cardinal's facility.

Gary Kubiak, head coach of the Houston Texans, had the following to say about this week's matchup between the Chargers and Texans:

(on the possibility of having to play at a neutral site) “I don’t know that much about it right now. There are some people that mentioned this morning about playing in Arizona, and it’s been mentioned to me in the last hour that they may play Sunday night, may play Monday night, I don’t know. I just know that we’ll have to adjust. They’ll figure out a time for us to play the football game. You’re concerned for those people in California in those fires. I’ve been through that in Denver and that’s a horrible thing, so you just keep them in your prayers and we’ll figure out what to do with the football game.”

(on what he went through in Denver) “They had some of the same issues in Denver at one time. We had coaches have to leave the field one day during practice. The fires were coming down from the mountains. It was about five or six years ago. We had a couple of coaches that their homes were very close to being lost, and I just remember how scary it was for their families. But everything worked out.”

If the NFL moves the game to Sunday or Monday night, it does not seem likely that the game will be nationally broadcast like a typical night game would. Certainly the Chargers would have loved a home field advantage after coming off a bye week. Compounding the pressure on the team is the fact that the division race remains as tight as ever, with the Chiefs and Broncos winning their week 7 matchups.

It will be tough for the team to remain focused on football when so many in the organization have been affected by the fires. But the leadership from guys like Philip Rivers can rally the team:

“What’s most important is making sure our families are taken care of and that everyone has what they need out of their houses. Once everybody is safe, we can start putting the focus on the week and the game. Obviously there’s more to life than football. We all know that, but football is very important to all of us. Once we get what’s most important taken care of, then we can put our focus there.”

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October 23, 2007

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