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Chris from Arrowhead Pride (unofficial KC Chiefs blog) is a widely respected member of the sports blog community. I had some questions for him about the team for which lives and breathes:

BoltHype -
Brodie he going to get a chance next year to be the full-time starter? The Chiefs are terrible on offense right now and you have Herm Edwards saying that the team's strengths are running the ball and defense. He is basically saying they can't throw the football and score points. Croyle is young and undersized, but you have some good QBs coming out in the draft in 2008. Would the Chiefs spend a first round pick on a Quarterback?

Arrowhead Pride - Not likely. Brodie Croyle is the Chiefs' quarterback for at least the next year. Depending on how well he plays, we'll see after that. But he's definitely the starter come 2008. The team has invested two years in Brodie Croyle, which for a Chiefs team that hasn't drafted and played a quarterback in over twenty years, that's a lot of time. Also, the team's other needs are much greater. Depending on the players available, the Chiefs almost have to spend their first round pick on an offensive linemen. The 2007 unit is the worst offensive line in recent memory in Kansas City.

BoltHype - Getting back to the defense, I think the Chiefs have a real good foundation in place to have a elite defense next season. They're good this year, but they're young. Next season they could be downright dominant. Who has impressed you the most this year on defense?

Arrowhead Pride - Jared Allen is the team's sack leader and the best player on defense but that was to be expected. Our third-year linebacker out of Texas Derrick Johnson has been the most impressive defensive player in my opinion. He flew under the radar a bit in 2005 and 2006 but has really come into his own in 2007. Based on expectations, Johnson gets my vote.

BoltHype - Whats the deal with the Chiefs trying to hide the details of Larry Johnson's broken foot? It seems like they refuse to really elaborate on the injury. Luckily Kolby Smith seems to be doing well, and could turn out to be a real steal, but how badly will it hurt the Chiefs if Johnson misses the rest of the season?

Arrowhead Pride - I think the lack of details about Johnson's injury is really just the Chiefs organization not giving an advantage to their opponents. Also, and this is 100% pure speculation, the lack of details on his injury could help his trade value. Again, just speculation. If Larry misses the rest of the season, I don't think it hurts the Chiefs much. If anything, it gives LJ a chance to rest after a long 2006 season and this injury filled 2007 season. The Chiefs aren't going to make a playoff run and Larry resting will only help us in the future. Plus, the organization will be able to evaluate Kolby Smith on higher level and determine his future with the team. So, all in all, the loss of Larry isn't really a negative.

BoltHype - What do the Chiefs need to do to have success against the Chargers? They beat the team earlier in the year, but the Chargers seem to be finally hitting their stride.

Arrowhead Pride - The two things that the Chiefs need to do go hand in hand. Stop Antonio Gates and pressure Philip Rivers. Rivers has played poorly in his three career games against the Chiefs, averaging right around a quarterback rating of 50. Jared Allen and company should hopefully put pressure on Rivers against your newly starting right tackle. Antonio Gates has killed the Chiefs. In his last five games against the Chiefs, Gates has thirty receptions for 346 yards and five touchdowns. Like the first meeting of 2007 between the Chiefs and Chargers, it will come down to which team forces the most turnovers. The Chargers gave up four turnovers in that game, one of which went for six points. If the Chiefs clamp down on Gates, successfully pressure Rivers and win the turnover margin, we should win. At the same time though, the Chiefs offense needs to score points which we haven't done all season. I can't say I like our chances this weekend but if we do pull out a win, it will be because of our defense.

BoltHype - We'll, you didn't like like the Chiefs chances last time they played the Chargers and we know how that turned out. Must be some weird reverse psychology, anti-jinx mumbo jumbo going on...

Anyways, thanks Chris!

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November 30, 2007

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Chris said... Nov 30, 2007, 2:44:00 PM

Thanks Rob!

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