Jammer Makes 'Top Ten Most Penalized' List

Not the type of "Top 10" lists you wanna find yourself on but its something, right? Apparently since the 2004 season only seven players in the NFL have been called for penalties more than Quentin Jammer.

If you're a Jammer hater, you'll probably find this pretty funny. If you're a Jammer supporter (like me) then you're trying to find a way to put some positive spin on it (and someone can, let me know. I'm struggling).

Robert Gallery 46
Alex Barron 43
Leonard Davis 39
Chris McAlister 39
Tarik Glenn 37
Al Harris 36
Flozell Adams 35
Quentin Jammer 33
Chester Pitts 33
Jason Taylor 33

Don't blame me for sitting around counting up those flags...nope, the credit goes to the guys at ESPN.com

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November 9, 2007

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Anonymous said... Nov 28, 2007, 3:04:00 PM

Positive spin....the only other CB's on this list are commonly referred to as "top CB's". I am not in love with Jammer, but I think he would legitimately be the #1 CB on about half the NFL teams.

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