Marty To Minnesota?

The Minnesota Vikings are not a very good team right now, and weren't even that good when they found a way into the playoffs back in 2004 (8-8 regular season record). And under their current head coach Brad Childress, they've lost 13 of their last 17 games.

Assuming the Chargers head into the Metrodome on Sunday and head the Vikes yet another loss, the calls for Childress' head could swell. This is a team that is looking to build a new stadium; they cannot afford to be perceived as a poorly run organization with no real direction.

So what's the answer? It might just be Marty Schottenheimer...

If the Chargers win today -- and that's the way to bet -- the Vikings will be 2-6 and well on their way to a four- or five-victory season, two years after the bare-bones, Love-Boat Vikings went 9-7 and three years after an underfunded, understaffed Vikings team won a playoff game.

If owner Zygi Wilf would hire Schottenheimer to coach the Vikings, and bring in a real general manager to oversee the football operation, Minnesota could be in the playoffs in a year or two.

Schottenheimer is known for MartyBall -- power running and strong defense. Having lost 13 of their past 17 under Brad Childress, the Vikings should be trying to play AnyoneElseBall.

Schottenheimer is known for losing playoff games. The current Vikings should have such problems. And, in retrospect, we should acknowledge that Schottenheimer lost a lot of close playoff games to superior teams. He also turned too conservative when he had superior teams, but if you're a Vikings fan today, that has to qualify as nitpicking.

Jim Souhan: San Diego could land its former coach a job Sunday

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November 3, 2007

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