Norv Turner: Worst Coach Of The Half Season

I blogged for AOL Fanhouse last season as their Chargers guy, but this season they are going with guys a little less biased, I guess. As such, they have named Norv Turner as the worst coach of the half-season.

Worst Coach of the Half-Season nominees:

Cam Cameron, Miami Dolphins: His team is not just winless, but so bad that the owner is conducting a study to determine why it's so bad.

Scott Linehan, St. Louis Rams: I almost feel bad putting Linehan on this list, given how many injuries the Rams have suffered. But when your quarterback is rolling his eyes at your directions, that's not a good sign.

Mike Nolan, San Francisco 49ers: Yes, he took over a lousy team three years ago. But all those high draft picks later, they're still lousy -- and he's the one who makes the decisions in the draft room.

Norv Turner, Chargers: He's allegedly an offensive mastermind, but he can't seem to figure out how to take a talented young quarterback, a future Hall of Fame running back, an outstanding offensive line and the best tight end in the game and build it up into a point-scoring machine.

And the winner is ...
Turner. The Chargers have already lost twice as many games this year as they lost last year. How much do they miss Marty Schottenheimer? The other three coaches can argue that their team doesn't have the talent to be a contender. No one can say that about the Chargers -- we know coaching is the problem.

Personally, I don't know if I'd go that far but in the offseason the feeling among the national media was that Turner would be a major downgrade from Marty Schottenheimer and so far the Chargers, at 4-4, sit uncomfortably in first place in a bad AFC West.

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November 8, 2007

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