Power Levels Are Off The Charts

It would seem winning changes everything, especially when in the past three games you outscore your opponents 104-27. With one win and three losses, the Chargers were one of the worst teams in the league. But fast forward to week 8, and the Chargers are back to being an elite team. Funny how that works...

ESPN has the Chargers as the #7 team in the league, just below the Steelers and just above the Jags. It looks like ESPN views the Chargers like they view a lot of dangerous AFC teams: certainly a talented unit capable of putting a beating on someone, but also susceptible to letting games slip away from them. And while dangerous, the Chargers are not dominant like the Colts or Patriots.

Football Outsiders, on the other hand, has a different, more mathematical outlook. Their sometimes controversial DVOA rankings system places the Chargers at #5 overall. The guys at Football Outsiders live and die by their mysterious method of ranking power among football teams. Witchcraft is involved, or at the very least tea leaf readings, of this I'm certain.

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November 2, 2007

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