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The Chargers couldn't have picked a better year to hire Norv Turner. As crazy as that sounds, .500 in the AFC West this year is good enough for first place and in spite of all the turnover among the coaching staff from just a year ago, some how the Chargers have managed to hang on for dear life in the division.

So while the Chargers might technically hold the top spot in the West, how do they stack up against the rest of the NFL?

The official NFL standings have the Chargers holding the 18th spot among 32 teams. Now keep in mind the official standings are primarily based on wins versus losses. The Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers both hold 5-5 records (tops in the division) however the Chargers have a win over Denver so they barely hold first place.

Over at the sports media monopoly, a polling of writers has the Bolts coming in as the 13th best team in the league. This is down from their week 11 ranking of 9th.

Troy Aikman has developed a grading system he calls the Aikman Efficiency ratings. According to his system, the Chargers have the 19th ranked offense (21st ranked by the NFL) and the 8th ranked defense (25th ranked by the NFL). I'm not totally sure how he comes up with his rankings, but according to Aikman, the Chargers are better than what the numbers say. Combined, the Chargers are the 12th best team in the NFL according to Troy.

But where the Chargers rank the highest is with the Football Outsiders. Their proprietary system, DVOA, places the Chargers in the 7th overall spot. The chief reason for such a high ranking is that according the Football Outsiders, the Bolts posses the 2nd best Special Teams unit in the NFL.

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November 21, 2007

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