Draft Day Facts

When: April 26, 2008 (rounds 1-2) & April 27, 2008 (rounds 3-7)

The Chargers traded their 2008 2nd round pick to Miami in a trade for Chris Chambers.

The Chargers traded their 2008 3rd round pick to Chicago in a move-up trade to select Eric Weddle.

The Chargers forfeited their 2008 4th round pick to select Paul Oliver in the 2007 Supplemental Draft.

As of December 12th 2007 the Chargers hold the 24th overall pick. This can/will change during the final three weeks of the NFL Regular Season and of course the Post Season. If the Chargers win the Super Bowl, they will hold the final pick of the first round, 32nd overall.

Top Needs:

As of December 12th, 2007 the Chargers top four needs heading into the offseason are-

1. Defensive Tackle - The team needs help along the defensive line. They should find a well-rounded guy who can provide help against the run and get some pressure into the backfield. Ideally they could get a guy who is immediately suited to play Defensive End in the 3-4 defense, but could be groomed to play the Nose Tackle position down the road.

2a. Running Back - The Chargers are very likely to lose Michael Turner via free agency and will thus need to find a capable backup to Ladainian Tomlinson. Their current roster is filled undrafted types who will need to prove that they can assume a role in which they may be called upon to carry the football upwards of 10 times a game. Considering the way the Chargers' offense is built to feature a dynamic runner, selecting a top running back in the draft is certainly an option.

2b. Safety - Eric Weddle will earn a full-time starting job at free safety next season, but the team lacks a real strong safety type. The Chargers are built to stop the run and will need to find a safety who can support the run with the best of them. When you are rushing two linebackers on a consistent basis, it's important to have a Strong Safety who can come up and tackle somebody.

2c. Return Specialist - There is enough of a book on Darren Sproles to conclude he is not consistent enough in his ability to return punts and kicks. Aside from one freak game against a terrible Indianapolis Colts special teams, Darren Sproles has not found the endzone near enough to guarantee he is the starter next season. The team could potentially fill their need of a good return man with an addition at running back.

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December 12, 2007

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