Is Drayton Florence Overrated?

While not an exact science, the Football Outsiders guys have put together a couple of forumlas that help determine whether a guy sucks or not. One of these is called 'Success Rate':

Success Rate (defense) – The percentage of plays targeting a defensive player on which the offense did not have a successful play. This means not only incomplete passes and interceptions, but also short completions that do not meet the 45%/60%/100% baseline for success detailed in the description of DVOA. Success Rate for defensive players plays a much larger role in our book than it does on the website during the season, because it is based on game charting data, which takes a couple of weeks to collect after each week's games.

According to their game charting statistics, our beloved Drayton Florence is one of the worst cornerbacks in the league! If are a quarterback throwing on Drayton Florence, you'll have at least a 41% chance of getting 10 yards...

Worst Success Rate

Jason David, NO: 32%
Stanley Wilson, DET: 36%
Johnathan Joseph, CIN: 39%
Leon Hall, CIN: 40%
Drayton Florence, SD: 41%
Marlin Jackson, IND: 41%
Lito Sheppard, PHI: 41%
Roy Williams, DAL: 41%
Eric Green, ARI: 42%
Darrelle Revis, NYJ: 42%
Atari Bigby, GB: 42%

Worst Yards per Pass

Jason David, NO: 14.5
Hole in Zone, 11.9

Yes, Jason David is worse than throwing at a hole in the zone. Fred Thomas gave up 9.3 yards per pass last year. Egads. I guess not every player is meant to play in every defensive scheme.

Michael Huff, OAK: 10.8
Stanley Wilson, DET: 10.7
Drayton Florence, SD: 10.6
Corey Ivy, BAL: 10.0
Leon Hall, CIN: 9.6
Patrick Surtain, KC: 9.3
David Barrett, NYJ: 9.1
Cedric Griffin, MIN: 9.0
Al Harris, GB: 8.8

Take this info and with it what you will but don't forget this is coming from the people who once claimed Drayton Florence was better than Quentin Jammer. Check for yourself at

Charting Defensive Backs 2007

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December 31, 2007

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tuskegee86 said... Jun 16, 2009, 6:21:00 PM

Drayton Florence is a rapist him and his friends at Tuskegee University raped me when i was 14yrs old

Anonymous said... Jun 16, 2009, 6:22:00 PM

Yeah Drayton you ad cortlandt know who it is

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