Monday Night Football - Denver @ San Diego Liveblog

Denver Broncos (6-8) At San Diego Chargers (9-5)
Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego, CA

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Q4: 01:50: Quinten Jammer with a beautiful running interception along the sideline. He has played great all year long and its nice to see him come up with a pick at the end of the season. Chargers are set to take a knee and run the clock down to 0:00.

Q4: 04:30: Nearing the end of the fourth quarter, the Bolts are going to try to kill as much of the clock as possible as they try and wrap up their tenth win of the season.

Q4: 05:00: Newsflash - The Chargers are a different team at home. Hahaha!

Q4: 06:00: Rivers is starting to get the reputation around the NFL as a bit of a trash talker. As long as he keeps winning games, the trash talking is okay with me!

Q4: 08:00: Couple of classic shots of Philip Rivers jawing at Jay Cutler and the rest of the Broncos. Chargers, leading the Broncos 23-3 in the fourth quarter, are pretty confidant they will win the game.

Q4: 08:35: After a bunch of great coverage plays by Quentin Jammer and Drayton Florence, Luis Castillo gets into the mix with a pass defended!

Q4: 11:45: The Chargers defense absolutely shuts down the Broncos attack at the goal line. The Broncos cannot score on four tries to the endzone and the Chargers take over on downs. Props to the defensive line and the linebackers for playing stoutly.

Q4: 14:15: The Chargers are doing such a good job covering the Brocnos receivers, Jay Cutler has taken it upon himself to start running the football down the field. He's closing in on 50 yards on the night which makes him the team's leading rusher.

Q3: 01:15: Forced to punt after a three and out, the Chargers will march their defense back onto the field and hope to get the offense a few more chances to put some long drives together.

Q3: 02:50: Broncos forced to kick a field goal after the Chargers deny them in the red zone. Denver's Left Tackle injures himself as he tries to cut-block Shawne Merriman.

Q3: 04:00: Billy Volek taking over at QB, and Michael Turner getting some carries at running back. Fumble during a handoff exchange and the Broncos take over inside the 10.

Q3: 04:30: Antonio Cromartie not making the night easy for Jevon Walker. The former Pro Bowler has zero catches all night! Not to mention Jammer is playing Brandon Marshall tough on the opposite side.

Q3: 07:00: Cromartie making it a point to show some good tackling tonight. I like that...he makes the Pro Bowl but he hasn't stopped trying to get better.

Q3: 08:00: Nice to see Chambers get a well-deserved touchdown tonight. LT goes for over 100 yards rushing and the Chargers are so far pitching a shutout. Bronco fans aren't having a great Christmas so far!

Q3: 10:50: Chargers are airing it out now. A couple of huge completions back to back to Gates and Buster Davis.

Q3: 13:00: Sometimes its hard to watch Darren Sproles take the hits he does. Guys just light him up.

Q3: 14:00: LT is the NFL rushing leader and is close to having 100 yards tonight. I'm expecting him to sit down for the rest of the game soon.

HALFTIME: The Chargers are moving the ball pretty well, but are settling for field goals rather than punching it in for touchdowns. Instead of scoring four touchdowns in the first half, the Chargers scored one touchdown and three fieldgoals. At 16-0, the Denver Broncos are still very much in the game, but the Chargers defense has been abusing the Broncos tonight and Cutler has taken lots of hits. Eventually the Broncos will have to abandon the run game and put the game in Cutler's hands. When this happens, the Chargers will be bringing the heat.

Q2: 00:10: Two words to describe Chris Chambers - Tough and Reliable.

Q2: 01:00: A great throw by Rivers and an even better catch by Vincent Jackson for a 28 yard gain. Jackson takes a big hit but shrugs it off.

Q2: 02:40: Cromartie denies Cutler a completion near the sideline and forces the Broncos to punt.

Q2: 03:30: Jammer and Hart combine for a textbook pass coverage play. Thats and example of how a safety provides help over the top.

Q2: 03:45: Chargers are only able to add three points to their lead after getting amazing field position off a bad punt. Lets hope that doesn't come back to haunt them.

Q2: 07:00: Nice to see Buster Davis get involved in the game a little bit. Remember, this guy was a first round pick...

Q2: 08:00: I'm getting flashbacks of the Colts game...Special Teams so bad that it almost seems rigged!!

Q2: 09:30: Shaun Phillips gets low and sacks Jay Cutler. When Phillips gets that low and turns that corner he's almost impossible to block.

Q2: 10:35: Unfortunately Rivers got way too skittish in the pocket when he didn't really have any pressure on him. He needs to settle down and set his feet and deliver the football. Tom Brady does that extremely well.

Q2: 10:45: I wouldn't be surprised if Antonio Gates becomes the forgotten man tonight. They will certainly use him as a decoy and a blocker, but so far tonight Chambers and Jackson are getting some looks deep.

Q2 11:00: Rivers is playing pretty well tonight, but he is at times feeling pressure that really isn't there.

Q2: 13:30: Very risky playcall trying to hit Jackson deep when Champ Bailey is in perfect coverage. Normally you like the size mismatch that Jackson presents against cornerbacks, but Champ Bailey is one of the best.

Q2: 14:30: Luis Castillo is making his presence felt tonight adding another sack to his stat list. Welcome back Luis!

Q1 01:00: Been a while since the Chargers have asked defensive backs to blitz. Clinton Hart makes a nice sack to put the Broncos into third and long. Cutler converts on third down by hitting his open tight end. Tight Ends will probably be key tonight.

Q1 02:00: An undersized Broncos defensive line is going to have a real hard time stopping the Chargers run game tonight. LT has a great touchdown run from 17 yards out and the Chargers are now up by two scores. If the Bolts are leading by a wide margin at the half, look for LT and some other key starters to sit the second half.

Q1 03:30: Well there's the shot I wanted! On third down, Chambers and Rivers connect for 30 yards.

Q1 04:25: LT takes the handoff on first and second down and although I support giving LT the ball plenty of times tonight, the Chargers should've taken a shot at the endzone with Chris Chambers.

Q1 04:45: Chargers have great field position and should take a shot deep right now.

Q1 05:00: The Broncos are not too keen to let Cutler start slinging the ball around the field. Could it be that they are afraid of the Chargers' defensive backs?

Q1 07:20: Denver has been getting some good field position via kick returns. Jay Cutler is always dangerous for a long completion so the Chargers are going to need to keep tight coverage and allow the pass rush to reach Cutler.

Q1 08:00: A healthy dose of LT gets the Chargers into field goal range and Kaeding is true from 40 out.

Q1 09:52: I normally like John Lynch, but for some reason the guy is acting like a retard right now.

Q1 11:30: If there is one thing LT and Rivers need to work on in the offseason, its that swing pass. Not a great completion percentage on that play.

Q1 12:00: Norv Turner dials up a typical first down run, but follows up with a pass play to Vincent Jackson who was given a huge cushion. First down. LT runs again on first and second down, and gets some good yardage.

Q1 12:40: Luis Castillo makes a nice play to force a fumble and Merriman, always around the ball, comes up with a huge recovery.

Q1 13:35: Denver comes out running the ball which helps them set up the pass up the seam to their tight end. Tight Ends could play a big part tonight...

Q1 15:00: Nate Kaeding makes a TD saving tackle, and Shawne Merriman comes flying to hit Denver's runner.

Pregame: If there is a player on the Broncos who would look nice in Bolts, it would be WR Brandon Marshall...the guy's a baller.

Pregame: I enjoy Ron Jaworski's breakdowns, even if he does sound pretty funny when he talks in his TV voice. I have a feeling he's going to give Philip Rivers the business if PR struggles tonight.

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December 23, 2007

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